What do you think of robots running our networks?

What is SDN, or software defining networking?

This is an approach to computer networking a network which exchanges data between connections and devices. SDN evolved around 2008 and allows network administrators to “manage network services”. Since 2008, there have been massive changes in the internet and networks meaning networking is now at a crossroads, with demand for bandwidth (The range of frequencies used for transmitting a signal) accelerating at an ever increasing rate and new technologies predicted to expand the possibilities for network virtualisation, diverse systems and networks to inter-operate like never before. SDN and network virtualisation defines to reshape enterprise networks, empowering companies to keep pace with the ever moving computing environments powered by virtual servers and cloud by decoupling (reduce or eliminate the coupling of one circuit or part to another) network control from the data forwarding plane.

Through trend analysis it is clear there are five significant trends which are prominent in the world of networking and business development:

  • Cloud
  • The meshing of consumer and network application
  • Network services to match compute and storage
  • Software-defined networking
  • Mobile management

Whitehall Media offers conferences to cover the up to date release of information and to provide case studies of actual performance from guest speakers. We are well aware the world of corporate business is now a world of mobile network devices. Whilst mobile devices such as smart phones, IPads and laptops have freed confinement to an office desk and encouraged a more interactive and accessible way to do business, it has also aggravated huge problems around security, identity and network demands.

Najam Ahmad, director of engineering at Facebook, said at the Interop conference in New York on Thursday, “It provides the company with the agility to add functionality, build monitoring capabilities, manage traffic, and remediate problems through code, we feel SDN is the way to build networks. We want robots running the network and people building the robots.”

SDN has the prospect to change present circumstances with in business networking to enable better functionality, our society is not going to go backwards, technology is changing at warp speed and businesses need to keep up with it to drive business forward.

Attending this event will equip you with first-hand knowledge and perspective on how to move toward software defined networks and allow you to share information and discuss future opportunities with other likeminded business operatives.

Software-Defined Networking 2013 – Transforming Network Architecture will be held Hotel Russell 1-8 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London, WC1B 5BE, UK

Find out more about SDN at the Whitehall media event on 3RD December 2013.