AirWatch- Enterprise Mobility Deployments with Comprehensive Containerisation Approach

An announcement has been made by the largest Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider AirWatch®. The introduction of AirWatch Workspace™, this is a secure containerised solution for all enterprise data which includes content and browsing applications and email. Mobility is one of the most essential ways companies do business, so it is critical that companies address the posing threats and challenges of protecting data on mobile devices.  Having a containerised solution enables the device to enclose personal data and corporate data separately whilst keeping both secure. This environment generates a consistent user experience, and organisations encouraging and instigating BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) initiatives in the work place can have a guaranteed assurance that all corporate data will be held securely within applications, whilst allowing the user to maintain complete control over their personally owned device.

Organisations are now in a position to standardise their security and prevent data loss due to the AirWatch Workspace, in conjunction with AirWatch EMM. Companies now are able to organise MDM, containerisation, or a hybrid model to meet the needs of all internal use cases as well as extended enterprise collaboration. This workspace allows and is capable of, a single sign-on for all AirWatch applications and internal enterprise applications through AirWatch’s industry leading app wrapping and SDK modules; it is available for iOS and Android devices.

The IT management departments within organisations can now be provided with a solution suite that can be tailored for unique security requirements, the need of the end user and device ownership through the AirWatch platform. Their own mobile fleets can be managed with the AirWatch integrated EMM platform, AirWatch Workspace container, standalone application and content management or through a hybrid approach.

Within each personally owned device, the personal and corporate data are maintained and contained separately. Yet, employees can view managed corporate applications with the dual-persona view or the unified view.  With dual-persona view, the user is only able to access corporate resources such as email, apps, content and intranet browsing while logged into the secure workspace. With unified view, users can see their corporate resources alongside their personal apps, but they are kept totally secure from each other.

John Marshall president and CEO of AirWatch stated:-

“We continue to create the most advanced solution set on the market to simplify enterprise mobility,”

“Workspace equips our customers with a powerful tool within our enterprise mobility framework to secure corporate applications and data without requiring full device management.”

AirWatch container solutions have been designed to work together to create a unified user experience with Single-Sign On, SSO. Yet allowing access and the capacity to work within cross container integration.

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