Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization Conference, 2014

Whitehall Media, the leading organiser of strategic, content-focussed Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization conferences

for Senior IT and Corporate decision-makers will be running its 5th Annual Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization Conference and Exhibition on 20 March, 2014 at the Hotel Russell, London. We are aiming to deliver yet another high-quality, content-focussed conference programme at what will surely prove to be the year’s most prestigious and topical event surrounding the deployment of Enterprise-Wide Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructures across small, medium and large companies across the UK. Anyone who may be considering attending is advised to book as early as possible, as the conference is already proving to be popular with delegates.

Why another cloud conference?

What has been missing so far from the Cloud discussion is an analysis of what has to happen to make Cloud Computing a real success story. The Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization Conference will provide all the information you’ll need as an IT professional or a business leader to be able to understand and fully appreciate what cloud computing can do for your organization. This one day conference will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the foundational elements of the cloud environment from a business, technical and research perspective. The conference will define the many terms and concepts that are fundamental to developing an understanding of cloud computing and its enablement through virtualization. In addition, you will learn about the economics of public, private and hybrid cloud environments as well as management.

Why you can’t miss this event?

ECCV will be the right conference to understand the set of challenges created by cloud computing and its virtualized environment to provide an overview of the emerging networking, optimization and management technologies that hold the potential to mitigate these challenges. This conference will also prove to be of immense value if you are looking forward to networking with leading minds from around the world.

What topics will be discussed at ECCV, 2014?

  • Public, private and hybrid Cloud
  • Virtualization
  • Data centre infrastructure
  • Many case studies from industry and research-using vendor and end-use customer examples to examine cloud delivery models in detail: Infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service
  • Cloud computing for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Cloud computing as one possible future of high performance computing
  • The ‘Cloud debate’ about the pros and cons of Cloud computing
  • A panel discussion about how to start your Cloud, and finding the right Cloud strategy for your organization
  • ECCV solutions – the Cloud computing and virtualization solutions exhibition

What will you learn at ECCV, 2013?

ECCV Solutions is a ‘must’ for IT decision makers from industry and academia. You will be presented with a qualified and unbiased overview of the state-of-the-art in Cloud Computing and Virtualization from a series of dedicated seminars and a carefully selected number of major solution providers within the exclusive exhibition. UK enterprises are currently approaching ‘Clouds’ with a quantum leap: a recent survey reveals that 200 UK CIOs are planning on moving to the ‘Cloud’ in the next two years to reduce costs, improve business efficiency and the agility in their business operations.
Gain comprehensive thought leadership from strategy, to execution and performance monitoring
ECCV’s exclusive ‘three-tier’ audience (end-users, Chief Architects, CIO’s to procurement executives and senior decision-makers and industry executives) unite at operational/policy level presentations/briefings as well as technical sessions, to gain the complete picture of critical key themes and topics. Over one day Whitehall Media hosts keynote addresses, plenary sessions and presents streams of technical conference sessions.