SDN, 2013: why you can’t afford to miss the leading SDN event of the year?

Whitehall Media, the UK’s market-leading business-to-business multi-platform media group, would like to remind all delegates that time is running out to book your place on one of the most anticipated SDN conferences of the year: Software-Defined Networking, 2013 – transforming network architecture. This conference promises to be the UK’s leading event for the discussion and delivery of SDN, OpenFlow and network virtualisation solutions from an involved and strategic perspective.

Software-Defined Networking 2013 is an event geared towards helping senior network, technology and business leaders at every level make informed technology planning and investment decisions as they transition to software-defined networking. It will enable corporations who are charged with purchasing, deploying and transforming their network architecture to define and justify the business case for SDN implementation in the UK.

Software-defined Networking, 2013, is the UK’s leading event for the discussion and delivery of SDN, OpenFlow and Network-defined Virtualisation Solutions from an evolved and strategic perspective. SDN, 2013 is sponsored by Ariba Networks, Circo, Citrix, Tail-f and Ciena and is partnered by SDN-Central, Parete and, and will take place at the Hotel Russell, London, on 3rd December. This powerful event will seek to clarify the advantages of Network Virtualisation and OpenFlow deployment, and hence determine the full transformative potential of SDN in enterprise organisations.

Why you can’t afford to miss SDN, 2013

A visit to Software Defined Networking 2013 is the perfect opportunity to meet the entire SDN, OpenFlow and Network Virtualization community under one roof. In a single visit you will be able to obtain expert advice, research and compare the very latest products and services from world-class companies:

  • Find out whether SDN is right for telecom operators, what will be the impact, benefits, changes and requirements for deploying it
  • Identify alternatives and options for reaping the benefits such as automation promised by SDN
  • Join a full day of presentations and discussions on SDN strategic, management, technical and implementation topics
  • Understand how SDN is going to affect legacy networks equipment and their manufacturers: what happens to the market when network hardware becomes a commodity?
  • Get the facts and information about the risks, benefits and best approach to deploying SDN
  • Gain a clear understanding of the commercial opportunities opened by SDN and OpenFlow
  • Find out how and why carriers are advancing Network Functions Virtualisation
  • Learn how to implement and build new network applications using SDN and OpenFlow
  • Consider the impact of SDN on network architecture and integration of applications and control plane functions

To find the answers to these and other burning issues, book your place on the SDN Conference, 2013. This strategic gathering offers you first hand opportunity to explore, learn and discuss about the SDN trends and development and what this technology means for telecom operators, service providers, data centres, large enterprises, equipment vendors and other stakeholders.