IDM 2013: Your views and opinions

Whitehall Media ran yet another successful Identity Management (IDM) Conference and Exhibition at the Hotel Russell, London, on 19 June, 2013. IDM, 2013, was our seventh identity management conference and was an event geared towards exploring IDM’s transition from IT Infrastructure to business intelligence resource. It brought together important IDM decision-makers from across the public sector, banking, finance, insurance and all other major business and industry sectors in the UK. IDM, 2013, focused on the practical aspects of strategic delivery of Enterprise Identity Solutions and discussed the technology and business aspects of the effective delivery of an Identity Management Policy in the workplace. From the feedback we’ve received, this year’s conference definitely proved to be a hit with the 500 plus sponsors, delegates and exhibitors who attended. The conference, as promised, delivered yet another high quality, topical and content-focused programme about the delivery of effective identity management policy in the workplace. Here’s what you had to say about June’s event:

Steve Gold, Editor-in-Chief, IT Security Pro

“The quality of the speakers was absolutely superb. I spoke to a gentleman from the Cabinet Office who came just to learn more about identity. Whitehall Media events are always run very professionally.”

Jos Groenewegen, Identity & Access Manager, Radboud University

“It’s been a really interesting conference – with interesting speakers, and a good balance between real-life cases and theory.”

John Handelaar, Sailpoint

“The people who spoke, and the people I’ve spoken to have all been very high calibre. The sessions have been excellent and the organisation from Whitehall Media has been very good indeed.”

Simon Pelham, Imtech ICT

“The number of delegates coming through the conference has been fantastic. It’s been a great conference, and working with Whitehall Media has been a really good experience.”

Colin Duffy, Hitachi ID

“The show itself was run really smoothly. The organisation today has been really very good.”

Sonal Balachandran, PwC

“I loved the quality and the mix of people who attended the sessions today. We’d love to come again next time.”

Antoine Ubaghs, Identity Assurance

“We found the delegates invited by Whitehall Media to be very good. We’ve had lots of interesting conversations with high-quality decision makers.”

Jacques Declas, Vordel

“We’ve been very pleased with the quality of the delegates today and with the organisation.”

Adam Evans, Net IQ

“It’s been such a refreshing change from other shows we’ve attended.”

Ullrich Kohl, Volkswagen

“It’s been great. The organisation was very good indeed. It’s the first conference in London that I’ve attended, and I was listening to my colleagues and learned a lot from their presentations. The quality of the conference was brilliant, and it’s been good to have been here.”

Phillip Edwards, Oracle

“We targeted a number of organisations we wanted to speak to prior to the conference, and most of them were here today.”

Agnes Balch-barth, ForgeRock

“It’s been a very good conference. We’ve been very pleased with how it all went.”

Nick Lamidey, Oxford Computer Group

“It’s been a really good day and it gave us the opportunity to meet our existing and prospective customers face to face.”