Oracle Mobile and Social Access Management White Paper

We all want to have information at our fingertips. We want to be able to access this information when we want and at a time of our choosing. It’s a vitally important consideration particularly for enterprise. Mobile computing has made it a reality: businesses can access the internet or engage on social platforms anytime and anywhere. The only potential restriction to full access of the online world has been security. How secure is your sign-on? How are businesses able to ensure that their identities are managed effectively when accessing mobile applications?  These are the type of questions that have troubled technology experts.

Fortunately Oracle has now managed to address these.  In its White Paper Oracle explains how Mobile and Social Access Management is designed to secure mobile access to applications making full use of an enterprise’s existing back-end identity management infrastructure. Its Mobile and Social Access Services provide authentication and authorization services that let enterprises extend an existing authentication and authorization infrastructure to mobile and non-mobile applications. Mobile services support User Tokens, Access Tokens, Client Tokens, OAM Master Tokens and client registration handles.

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Oracle Mobile and Social Access Management

Key Features:

  • Authenticating mobile users
  • Authorizing mobile users
  • Mobile single sign-on
  • Device fingerprinting and registration
  • Device blacklist/whitelist
  • Device-context based fine-grained authorization
  • Log on using Social Identity from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yahoo
  • REST-based directory interface for User Profile Services
  • Mobile and Social Client SDKs

Key benefits:

  • Improves compliance and lowers TCO by extending existing access management services to mobile devices
  • Enhances user experience with Mobile Single Sign-on for both native and browser-based applications
  • Strengthens security with device fingerprinting and device context-based authentication and authorization
  • Controls risk with risk-based control and investigative analysis
  • Offers flexible authentication with knowledge-based access (KBA) and one-time password (OTP)
  • Enables Social Identity authentication and access without programming
  • Manages server features through the integrated Oracle Access Management Console
  • Packaged Security that frees the mobile developer to focus on functionality

Click here to view the Oracle Mobile and Social Access Management White Paper