The intersection of big data analytics – get the whole story

Big data analytics applications are changing the face of Business Intelligence and data discovery – of that there is no doubt. But as the two worlds of Big Data anayltics and BI intersect, just getting information from traditional sources like databases and data warehouses is not going to deliver a complete view of what’s impacting your business! You will need to ask – Is your organisation ready to optimise every shred of data available?

What goes in to big data analytics?

To get a 360o view of what’s driving your business, you are going to have to deal with data volume, velocity and variety in your BI and data discovery solutions. This means incorporating information from unstructured and semi-structured data sources such as external reports, PDF files, EDI streams, Log files, XBRL sources and a host of other data types that are part of the fabric of today’s information landscape.

To help you understand the opportunities that exist at the Intersection of Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence we invite you to download our new white paper on: Filling the Content Blind Spot. In it we discuss how to maximise the value of Big Data in your organisation to Get the Whole Story about your business.

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