BDA, 2013: why you can’t afford to miss this year’s most prestigious Big Data Analytics event

Whitehall Media, the UK’s market-leading business-to-business multi-platform media group, would like to take this opportunity to remind delegates and sponsors that in just under a month’s time we will be hosting Big Data Analytics, 2013 – the next frontier in innovation and competition for the large enterprise sector. BDA, 2013, will be held at the Hotel Russell, London, on 20 June, and promises to be the year’s most prestigious Big Data Analytics event. The Conference is sponsored by a number of industry-leading companies like SAP, MuSigma, Talend, 10Gen, Qlik View, Pentaho, Vitria and Alteros.

Big Data Analytics 2013 is an event geared towards senior business leaders and large corporations who wish to leverage the opportunities that big data can bring to their business, and technology leaders who approve or recommend analytical systems and solutions that run against large data sets, and are planning an analytical project in the next 12 months.

Why you can’t afford to miss BDA, 2013

Advanced Analytics and big data management are hot topics. And there’s no place better than Big Data Analytics (BDA) to learn what innovations are happening.

BDA will showcase some of the most innovative uses of massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouses, advanced analytics, and enabling technologies such as MapReduce and cloud computing to provide a competitive edge for data-driven companies. At BDA, 2013, you’ll learn how the convergence of big data with advanced analytics will provide opportunities across industries and government agencies in areas like:

  • Customer analytics: click-stream, segmentation, targeting, and retail market basket analysis
  • Network and graph analytics: Cyber defence, social network intelligence, zero-day attack identification, and disease outbreak
  • Communication analytics: service personalization, call data record (CDR), customer revenue assurance, and caller network analysis

What will you take away from BDA, 2013?

  • Practical guidelines for choosing whether to extend existing BI and data warehouse systems or deploy new technologies for big data analytics
  • How to gain a predictive understanding of customer behaviour through analysis of social networking big data
  • What you can achieve with deep analytics that would be impossible using standard methods and limited data extracts
  • How to harness the power of Hadoop, MapReduce, and other innovative methods of exploring big data
  • Best practices for integrating Hadoop access with data warehouses and other data sources and service
  • How you can improve data quality and speed up data migration and loading to support high-performance, real-time analytics.
  • What you need to know to use analytics against data streams, real-time data feeds, and high-velocity data
  • How to apply cutting-edge data visualization and visual analysis to deliver insights to nontechnical users
  • Best practices for increasing the value of predictive analytics and modelling with big data
  • Success factors and lessons learned from experienced peers to help you avoid mistakes and reach your goals with big data analytics

If you are interested in attending the largest Big Data Analytics conference of the year, and haven’t yet booked your place, then it’s still not too late. Contact

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