Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualisation conference, 2013, proves to be an unqualified success.

Whitehall Media’s 4th Annual Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization Conference and Exhibition at the Hotel Russell, London, on 7 March, 2013, was, we can confidently say, well received and rightly judges to be a resounding success.

Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization, 2013, managed to attract a record number of sponsors, delegates and exhibitors and helped organizations address the issues involved in the growing exposure to the Cloud whilst equipping the delegates with the know-how to deploy Secure Cloud Infrastructures in their own workplace.
The conference, as promised, delivered yet another high quality, topical and content-focused programme about the deployment of Enterprise-Wide Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructures across enterprise-level companies across the UK. Building on the success of previous ECCV conferences, this year’s fourth Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualisation event delivered a more focused and fulfilling experience for all sponsors, delegates and exhibitors who attended. How do we know that? Well simply from the messages we received from attendees. We received plenty of positive feedback on the day – so much in fact that we’ve only been able to post a fraction of this on our YouTube video. So, here’s more of what you had to say about ECCV, 2013.


“The delegate list this year has been exceptional. The footfall we developed last year was such that we went on to build a fair amount of revenue off the back of it. So there was never any question that we’d attend this year’s event. At conferences like this you can guarantee that you’ll meet the type of people you want to talk to – CEOs and IT managers. This year’s conference has been very good indeed. We’re not surprised by this, but we have to say that the success of last year’s event has been replicated once again.”


“The [ECCV] conference gave us the opportunity to mix with the many customers and peers who are making the same journey to the Cloud as we are.”
“It’s been interesting to hear from a wide range of speakers. The interaction and engagement with like-minded customers and colleagues has been beneficial too. It’s given us a well-rounded experience of the Cloud and Virtualisation technologies.”
“The main purpose of our visit to the conference was to catch up with what different companies are doing with the Cloud. We got what we came here for. I thought the venue was fantastic, and overall the conference was a great success.”


Savvis – Gold Sponsor

“Savvis is a provider of hosted IT solutions and Cloud Services for the enterprise market, so any event where we can get to meet enterprise decision makers has to be beneficial for us. Some of our sales people commented even during the event that they’d made some positive leads. We suspect that this will only increase later. It’s been a really good event for us with a really good quality of delegate.”
“It’s pretty obvious to us that an awful lot of work was done upfront by Whitehall media to ensure the event would be successful. They fixed up our stand and helped us organise our presentation, and away we went without any worries. We came last year, and we’ll certainly be back again next year.”
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