Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualisation conference, 2013: your views and opinions

Whitehall Media successfully ran its 4th Annual Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization Conference and Exhibition at the Hotel Russell, London, on 7 March, 2013. Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization, 2013, was designed to help organizations address the growing exposure to the Cloud and equip the delegates with the know-how to deploy Secure Cloud Infrastructures in their own workplace. From the feedback we’ve received so far, this year’s conference definitely proved to be a hit with the sponsors, delegates and exhibitors who attended. The conference, as promised, delivered yet another high quality, topical and content-focused programme about the deployment of Enterprise-Wide Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructures across enterprise-level companies across the UK. Here’s what you had to say about this year’s event.

Steve Ranger – Editor-in-Chief ZDNet & TechRepublic UK –chair

“It’s been a really successful conference. It was really good to meet people in the real world who are involved in the practical applications of Cloud technology every day.”

Lee James – Head of Information Systems, Architecture, Strategy & Governance, Betfair

“It’s been a great opportunity to hear all the different opinions of people involved in Enterprise Cloud Computing. What’s more, I’ve actually learned some new things at the conference which is fantastic.”

Delegate feedback

“Very enjoyable event with interesting and thought-provoking presentations. [The Conference] provided a perfect opportunity to see a diverse variety of presentations about Cloud and highlighted the direction that companies are moving in.”
“The [ECCV] conference gave us the opportunity to mix with the many customers and peers who are making the same journey to the Cloud as we are.”
“It’s been great to hear from a wide range of speakers. The interaction and engagement with like-minded customers and colleagues has been great too. It’s given us a well-rounded experience of the Cloud and Virtualisation technologies.”
“The main purpose of our visit to the conference was to catch up with what different companies are doing with the Cloud. We got what we came here for.  I thought the venue was fantastic, and overall the conference was a great success.”
“As a software developer in the SaS market, my main reason for coming today was to find out how we could work more effectively in the public and private Cloud. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The quality of the speakers and presentations was very high – very impressive indeed.”
“I can see that [ECCV] is going to be an important event for years to come.”

Exhibitor Feedback

“As exhibitors we were very impressed with the conference and the number of people who came to see us at our stall. There was great footfall which is what every exhibitor wants. It just shows how well Whitehall Media can successfully manage events of this nature.”
“As an exhibitor we’ve been very pleased with the quality of the conference and the delegates. Whitehall Media has again put on a very good show, and provided the right levels of contacts and a large number of delegates. Whitehall Media has looked after very well throughout the course of the day.”
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