Identity Management 2013 – The Enterprise Identity Management Conference for Decision Makers across Business, Government, Finance and Industry.

Whitehall Media, the UK’s market-leading business-to-business multi-platform media group is delighted to confirm the date for its sixth Identity Management Conference: Identity Management 2013 – The Enterprise Identity Management Conference for Decision Makers across Business, Government, Finance and Industry.

The event will be held at the Hotel Russell, London, on 19 June, and promises to be the largest and most comprehensive Identity Management Conference of the year. The IDM 2013 Conference and Exhibition will be premier gathering for IT and Business professionals responsible for IDM Infrastructure and Deployment, and will explore IDM’s coming transition from IT Infrastructure to business intelligence resource. The Conference is being be sponsored by a number of industry-leading companies like Oracle, Cyber-Ark, NetIQ, Pirean, ForgeRock, Symplified, Layer7 and Ping Identity and partnered by SC Magazine, TechTarget and SNIA Europe.

IDM 2013 is a business strategy conference that will be attended by key IDM decision-makers across the public sector, banking, finance, insurance and all other major business and industry sectors in the UK. It will focus on the practical aspects of strategic delivery of Enterprise Identity Solutions as well as discuss the technology and business aspects of delivery of an Identity Management Policy in the workplace.

The conference will provide those charged with the implementation of an Identity Assurance strategy with a powerful platform to discuss the policies and agendas that they are required to deliver and affect a truly secure and technologically innovative Great Britain in the 21st Century.

IDM is the one event of the year you can’t afford to miss, whether you’re still in the early stages of formalizing and automating IDM processes, or are ready to embrace the new frontier of mining IDM- generated data for business intelligence to meet new business needs. IDM 2013 will give you the practical insight and innovative thinking you need to move forward effectively.

The response from last year’s event was overwhelmingly positive. But we’ve made some minor changes to this year’s agenda to take into account the feedback from previous delegates. That’s why this year there will be an even greater focus on Enterprise Identity Management.

As always, we extend a warm welcome to all our colleagues in the industry who share our interest in improving Security and reducing Fraud in the UK, and would advise that if you are considering attending this year’s conference that you book your places promptly. The demand for tickets has been little short of overwhelming.

The identity-management market is approaching a crossroads: the complexity of managing users across organisations is increasing, end-user resistance to being held responsible for managing credentials is increasing and security requirements to preserve privacy and prevent identity theft are also increasing, whilst IT budgets for the technology are decreasing. IDM 2013 will help you to exploit the full potential of new and future IDM investments, to fully realize their risk-management and governance benefits and their direct business value. No one can afford the non-essential – so learn what will make your every move mission-critical in the eyes of your leaders.

What topics will IDM, 2013 cover?

  • Identity and Access Intelligence
  • Improved Time to Value for IDM
  • Password management
  • Role management
  • Stakeholder engagement and support
  • User Provisioning
  • Web access management
  • Case Studies on the future of IDM