Sponsor Case Study – Informatics Merseyside offers healthcare staff flexible and efficient work practices using AirWatch® cloud computing

The Challenge

Healthcare providers are coming under increasing pressure to produce cost savings whilst improving patient care. Agile working and hotdesking are key concepts within many organizations trying to drive such efficiencies. Healthcare providers look to mobile initiatives to deliver savings through paperless boards, which eliminate the need to print hundreds of pages of paper and allow for greater flexibility and easier management. Electronic medical records also allow for remote viewing of patient data with online storage facilities and easy data sharing. However, devices, apps and content sharing facilities used to access sensitive patient data need to be secured. Healthcare-specific regulations, such as limitations on where data can be stored, are critically important. To meet these requirements, healthcare organizations are turning to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, which include device, application, content and email management.

The Client

Informatics Merseyside is an Information Management and Technology (IM&T) NHS shared-service that supports 11 different Trusts, with 28,000 users, 18,000 IT devices and 750,000 patients across the Merseyside Health Economy. They were looking for an ideal MDM solution and turned to AirWatch for help and advice:
“We started to look at MDM solutions when, as a result of our paperless board, more and more mobile devices were being deployed onto the organization network,” said Steven Parker, technical innovations lead at Informatics Merseyside.
“When we first started a paperless board at Informatics Merseyside, we were using the devices’ configuration utilities to set up roles on devices, but before long, there were a lot of devices out there and we realized that we didn’t have the required security control over them, because it wasn’t possible to make any wireless changes.”
After evaluating a number of providers, Informatics Merseyside decided that AirWatch®offered the speed of deployment needed through cloud computing services and that made them the clear choice. Informatics Merseyside was managing its devices within just 40 minutes.
Today, Informatics Merseyside, through its I’M Mobile cloud computing program, moves far beyond its paperless board beginnings. The programme allows partner organizations direct, mobile access to corporate and clinical systems, and enables clinicians across the country to access patient information through their mobile devices. AirWatch helps keep information, devices and apps secure. Furthermore, NHS policies prevent NHS organizations from storing any information outside the United Kingdom, and AirWatch can manage content across the partner organizations, preventing employees from breaking the rules regarding storage and sharing.

The Solution

To secure its paperless board, Informatics Merseyside implemented AirWatch. This implementation allowed the organization to secure a fleet of devices, send updates through cloud computing and reduce the cost and time associated with printing board documents: according to Steven Parker the transition has been seamless:
“The beauty of AirWatch is the fact that our end-users haven’t noticed it. And to me, that proves what a good product it is. The remote-wipe capabilities provide peace of mind that. Should a device be lost or stolen, we now have the capabilities to remove any corporate data. We have the ability to delegate rights, deliver configurations and put restrictions in place.”
Through AirWatch’s multi-tenancy capability, Informatics Merseyside enables its 11 regional partner Trusts to implement mobile productivity strategies by leveraging the centre of excellence provided by the AirWatch administrator:
Through its I’M Mobile initiative, Informatics Merseyside enables clinicians in its partner organizations to access patient data through custom-developed apps, which are deployed to the devices and updated using AirWatch’s Mobile Application Management (MAM) functionality. Employees can now log in from home utilising cloud computing services and download their patient lists and details into a fully encrypted offline form, eliminating the need to go into the office before being able to see patients.
Informatics Merseyside are a sponsor at this year’s Whitehall Media Enterprise Cloud Computing & Virtualization conference, at the Hotel Russell, on the 7th March.