Public convenience: private confidence – automated private cloud computing for secure Saas hosting

Has Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) transformed the world of IT? Well, actually it’s done more than that. The SaaS revolution has swept aside many traditional business models by offering the end-user a fully-working product: granted it might need some tweaking for each enterprise’s requirements, but generally it’s pretty much there. SaaS provides users with the ability to take immediate control of what they want, rather than have to engage a host of expensive IT consultants to interpret these needs.
Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is a fully-automated, private cloud covering Europe, and is a first-rate facilitator of SaaS. It has also automated the data centre selection decision with complete transparency, which removes the all-too-familiar awkward moment in the dialogue with the SaaS provider, when the customer asks “and where is MY data stored?”
It’s hard to credit this, but one of the largest SaaS providers in the world answered that very question by simply saying somewhere in the cloud.’ What’s should’ve been even more embarrassing for the provider is the fact that they didn’t actually understand just how totally wrong that answer was anyway, demonstrating a complete lack of experience, exposing the company IT department to their arch-nemesis, ‘the auditors.’
Accountants are not renowned for their sense of humour, so telling them that you actually don’t know where the data is simply doesn’t cut the mustard. What’s worse is that you’ll quickly find out that your customers, senior management and your legal department are even less impressed about the possibility that their data is outside of the company’s control or ownership.
The ideal situation is that the way a company’s data should be treated by the SaaS product provider should be as simple and transparent as the SaaS product is. The Interoute Virtual Data Centre allows you, as a SaaS provider, to ensure that each customer still gets your standard product, but that the infrastructure which secures the customer’s data is tailored to meet each customer’s specific data requirements, using Interoute’s proven and audited MPLS network separation. Your customers can enjoy the familiar ‘click and deploy’ of the public cloud, without compromising the  security gained by separating private and public traffic, all by using MPLS. VDC guarantees the customer’s data stays private – and is probably more secure than it is in their current model.
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