INTEROUTE – Controlling your cloud

What’s the greatest benefit that technology gives us? It makes life easier and more convenient for us all. Not everyone will necessarily agree with that assertion, , but generally speaking the consensus is that technology is good. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in information technology and communication. The rapid development of communication, connectivity and most recently cloud computing now mean that it’s never been easier to start a new business or introduce a new service.
If you cast your mind back a few years and remember how businesses traditionally started, you’ll probably recall just how costly and inflexible the whole procedure was. Now starting a new business is relatively easy. It’s been said that all a startup needs to do today is ‘go social, go mobile and get into the cloud’.
However if you are running a large complex IT platform for a regulated industry, the joy of dealing with a complicated computing infrastructure isn’t quite so obvious. The desire to create, use and experiment on such infrastructures is often tempting, but it’s restricted by security practicalities and difficulties. These problems can be so complex that they can dampen the enthusiasm of even the biggest cloud advocate. If you ask any IT expert working in the industry nowadays, the most frequently asked question is no longer “what is cloud computing”? It’s “can you help solve this problem”? These problems often relate to when users build services on a public cloud computing provider’s platform, that break all the organisation’s business controls. Unfortunately, it’s the IT guy who has to fix the problem.
The question that needs to be asked is this: We know that cloud computing is fast, convenient and effective, but when is it secure and flexible enough for enterprises to use? Security is dictated by the method used for separation of traffic and data. Now that doesn’t mean that it all has to be dedicated: Networks have been multi-tenanted for years and securely carry extremely sensitive information using technologies like MPLS to separate the ‘private’ from the ‘public.’ If you’d like a more detailed discussion about that topic then please feel free to read our “cloud computing and security whitepaper”.
Interoute understands the need to have a convenient cloud computing solution that’s both flexible and practical, but we also understand that it needs to be secure. Many of our customers are faced with the difficulty of having to run public environments whilst separating out their private traffic. Interoute’s virtual data centre (VDC) is built into the Interoute backbone so you get the best of both worlds. Interoute’s VDC has an IaaS capability that can offer private IT capabilities, or connect to the Internet via one of Europe’s largest backbone Internet service providers.
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Interoute are a gold sponsor for this year’s Whitehall Media Enterprise Cloud Computing & Virtualization conference at the Hotel Russell, London on 7th March.