What is Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre (VDC), and what makes it different?

What is Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre (VDC)?

VDC is Interoute’s scalable, fully-automated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. VDC provides on-demand computing, storage and applications integrated into the heart of your IT infrastructure. It removes the need to buy, manage and maintain a physical IT infrastructure, and is built into Interoute’s fibre-connected physical Data Centres across Europe. It’s simple to provision, and is scalable, compliant and cost effective.

Why choose Interoute’s VDC when there are already so many different cloud computing solutions available?

Interoute VDC is a virtual equivalent of building a real physical data centre. You can plan your server, switching and storage in exactly the same way as you would the ‘real’ thing in the physical world.
The biggest differences are:

  • you only pay for what you use, eliminating the upfront investment costs of the data centre
  • you can build it in more than one place, so high availability and resilience are part of the solution, and
  • you don’t pay for the network between data centres, or for data transfer to and from storage

This means Interoute VDC requires little “re-learning” and saves you money; so there’s no ‘speed bump’ as you get your head around the transition. On the contrary, it actually speeds up all current implementations.
But surely there are other solutions out there that already do that aren’t there? Why choose VDC when it still isn’t obvious what makes VDC better?
Interoute VDC has been designed and built in a completely new way, and that gives it a unique flexibility:

  • Interoute VDC is literally built into the Interoute network as opposed to an isolated data centre attached to the internet, or one with a handful of agreements with 3rd party exchange providers. Interoute’s Network is Europe’s backbone, providing 30 percent of all new capacity for new and old providers. We additionally serve over a million corporate users with sophisticated and secure services. Interoute does public and private in a very big way.

It’s this ability to offer what cloud technologists call public and private on the same platform that makes Interoute VDC unique.

  • You don’t have to decide whether your computing can be public or needs to be private. Like in the physical world, that decision is one of networking, and not down to the computing offer. The same is true of Interoute. We can either offer a large public, elastic computing solution, or a highly-secured and certified solution using the same platform. The security comes from the network’s ability to make it public or private. For a more detailed analysis, please read our whitepaper on “Cloud Computing and Security”

These factors are what make Interoute VDC different.  The unique combination of network and computing creates an easy-to-use, secure elastic computing capability which eliminates the cloud ‘trade off’ debates and confusion.  With Interoute VDC you can concentrate on how to build your applications, and not concern yourself with how to re-write them to make use of this different, but brilliantly convenient, new capability.
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