Protected-networks unveiled 8MAN for VMware vSphere at VMworld 2012 Barcelona

Protected-networks along with its technology partner abtis unveiled the new version of 8MAN to help clients identify security issues within VMware vSphere by displaying and analysing the access rights structure. 8MAN for vSphere is being showcased at the on-going VMworld 2012 in Barcelona from 9th to 11th October. VMware’s vSphere is an industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures to run business critical applications with efficiency and speed.

Barcelona, 9th October 2012: GmbH in collaboration with its technology partner abtis GmbH, launched 8MAN for vSphere at VMworld 2012, a three-day event which kick-started in Barcelona today. vSphere is VMware’s industry-leading virtualisation platform and 8MAN for vSphere is designed to display the permission and access rights structure in a never-before-seen manner. The solution has been developed by protected-networks. Their technology partner abtis, a VMware partner with VMware Certified Instructors (VCI), played a key role by providing in-depth knowledge and understanding of dominant security challenges faced by vSphere users. 8MAN for vSphere is a breakthrough security software with ability to provide a complete overview of permissions in a virtual environment, reveal unwarranted rights and privileges and analyse use-defined roles vis-à-vis default roles, contributing to a strong security foundation.

protected-networks and abtis are currently showcasing 8MAN for vSphere at VMworld 2012, Barcelona in the New Innovator Pavilion, booth NI2 from 9th till 11th October.

protected-networks is the creator of 8MAN, an intuitive Access Rights Management solution with graphical interface assisting organisations using fileservers, Active Directory and SharePoint to easily view, manage and delegate access rights. With the new 8MAN for vSphere, the company now aims to deliver similar functionalities for the private cloud. Their technology partner abtis brings core competency in the area of services, with a focus on VMware and Microsoft based technologies. Over the years, abtis has gained comprehensive experience and proficiency in the areas of Windows Server, Active Directory, System Center, PKI and RMS, Lync, Exchange, VMware vSphere, VMware View and Cloud Computing.

Data Security in Cloud

IT industry is witnessing a tectonic shift toward cloud due to all-inclusive benefits such as flexibility, on-demand resource availability, significantly reduced cost and access to wide range application from anywhere, to name a few. However, data security in a cloud storage environment remains one of the prime concerns as access rights management can often be highly cumbersome and complex in nature.

These challenges are also faced in VMware vSphere. vSphere decisively accelerates the shift to cloud computing with great efficiency, however its advantages can be leveraged only if businesses effectively track and manage the information. With multiple objects, permission tabs, scenarios access and authentication, controls in vSphere are very intricate and perplexing. Without a proper process for authorising access to cloud archives, organisations are putting sensitive data at the risk of unwarranted access.

8MAN for vSphere: Robust security in private cloud

There can be as many as 300 different types of access rights in a vSphere repository. Tracking groups or group memberships in order to detect redundant access rights can be almost impossible task. Recognising this weakness, protected-networks in collaboration with abtis designed 8MAN for vSphere, to answer questions like: What rights are delegated to whom? Or if a user is a member of multiple user groups, to which extent does the user have redundant access rights? Who can do what where? Some of the benefits of 8MAN for vSphere are:

  • Overview at a glance: All of the access rights granted to each user are presented clearly in lists.
  • Best Practises: For standard workflows, i.e. for specific functions, the rights proposed are exactly what the user would typically need. Best practices not only save time, they also allow for quick quality management.
  • Efficiency Standardised: With 8MAN for vSphere a new admin does not require special training to understand the concepts and functionalities of access rights allocation.
  • Best practices combine the knowledge of 8MAN with vSphere specialists make the process of authorisation significantly faster. They also cover industry-leading software vendors that integrate with vSphere like Quest, Symantec and many more to provide you with the ability to check whether you have granted too much or too few rights to service accounts that are being used.

Commenting on the new launch, Christian Zander said: “8MAN for vSphere is arguably the simplest way to understand and review permission in private cloud. With easy-to-use functionalities, companies can now know which rights are delegated to certain user, who is member of a particular group, are there any redundant authorisation access rights and so on. It can demonstrate immediate value for businesses looking to develop a robust strategy to minimise risk, save time and secure there vSphere repository.”

“Yet again, we have chosen a partner that can help us take our vision forward and provide enhanced value to our clients in securing business-critical information. We are extremely excited to be at VMworld alongside abtis and confident about the interest our solution will generate,” Zander added.

“Following the success of 8MAN for the Windows environment, we believe that the logical next step to offer a similar solution for the virtual storage space. There are a number of security challenges faced by our clients with escalating data and lack of overview to monitor it. So far, no other solution on the market can offer advantage that our solution can.” – said Thorsten Weimann, CEO abtis GmbH.

Frank Stöckl, Projectmanager 8MAN for vSphere at abtis GmbH said: “8MAN for vSphere is a state of the art solution that answers questions which administrators are sometimes afraid to ask or to be asked, because gathering this information can be quite time-consuming like which data can be accessed and what actions can be executed?

When shifting the understanding of the internal IT department or external service provider from a cost centre to a liable service provider, the auditability of the data and the verifiability of this information are extremely important.”

“The approach to implement the possibility of asking one question from two different viewpoints is a never-seen before feature. With just a few clicks 8MAN for vSphere can not only tell you – who has the permission to shut down my ESX servers? but also – who else, and why?”, Stöckl commented.

About GmbH:

Founded in 2009, protected-networks GmbH is a Berlin-based company that develops integrated solutions for access rights management of server environments across all business sectors and at public authorities. The solution, 8MAN is an Information Trust Software based on an innovative approach to integrated data security management and offers uniform and automated management of user rights. Clients thereby save cost and time while increasing protection against unauthorised internal access.

About abtis GmbH

: Founded in 2003, abtis GmbH is a full IT service provider with its core competency in infrastructure consulting, training and hosting solutions. By maintaining strategic partnerships with various companies like protected-networks, abtis and its partners manage to stay on top in the highly competitive technology leader market. Compared to the market, abtis has an above-average density of highly qualified staff, meaning in numbers: 25% VCI’s, 50% VCP’s, 50% MCT’s, 90% MCITP-EA/MCSE’s.

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