Whitehall Media announces its second Big Data conference of 2012: Big Data Analytics 2.

Whitehall Media, the UK’s market-leading business-to-business multi-platform media group is delighted to announce the launch of its second Big Data Analytics Conference of 2012: Big Data Analytics 2. The additional event comes on the back of the hugely successful and compelling Big Data Conference held at the Hotel Russell, London, in June this year. BDA2 will be held at the Victoria Park Plaza, London on 6 December, 2012, and promises to be the largest Big Data Analytics event of the year. The Conference is being be sponsored by a number of industry-leading companies like SAP, SAS, Cloudera, Informatica, Dell and AMD partnership. So far, over 600 Big Data end-users have already signed up to attend what promises to be the most-prestigious Big Data Conference of 2012.

Big Data Analytics 2 will bring together CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Business Directors, Heads of BI and Chief Data Scientists to discuss how to spot opportunity in Big Data streams using deep analytics. Big Data Analytics 2 is the must-attend event specifically geared towards senior business leaders and large corporations who wish to leverage the incredible opportunities that deep analytics can deliver to enterprise, and to technology leaders who approve and recommend analytical system solutions that run large data sets, and are planning an analytical project in the next 12 months.

Currently one in three business leaders are making decisions without some of the critical information they need to do their jobs effectively; whilst one in two don’t have access to the information at all. These surprising statistics have significant competitive implications. The amount of data captured by enterprise has exploded over the course of the last 5 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Companies are now capable of capturing trillions of bytes of information about their customers, suppliers and operations. Unfortunately many businesses don’t know how to use this valuable information for commercial advantage. What enterprises need to understand are the critical business processes that will give them the capability of turning data into knowledge. Once this understanding is gained, C-level executives will have unprecedented access to a data rich landscape to support and drive future decisions. By adopting the right approach to big data they can gain unique insights into their organisation and their customers, improve efficiencies and ultimately add value to the bottom line.

Big Data Analytics 2 is the business strategy conference which will address these issues. It will be attended by key decision-makers across the sector, and will focus on advanced analytics solutions and innovation in Big Data management. BDA2 will discuss the latest advances in Big Data management and analytic processing, and will showcase some of the most innovative uses of massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouses, advanced analytics, and enabling technologies such as MapReduce and cloud computing to provide a competitive edge for data-driven companies.

BDA2 will demonstrate how the convergence of Big Data with advanced analytics has provided opportunities across industries and government agencies in areas like customer analytics, click-stream, segmentation, targeting, and retail market analysis. BDA2 will also look in depth at network and graph analytics as well as communication analytics, service personalisation and caller network analysis. Through the means of expert sessions and in-depth case studies, delegates will take away valuable lessons in how to apply analytics to big data for desired business outcomes.

Delegates attending Big Data Analytics 2012, will hear directly from cutting-edge organizations that have already successfully implemented deep analytics for big data, learn about the latest trends from industry experts, see the latest products from solution providers, and network with peers who are considering new analytical solutions. If you are interested in attending the largest Big Data Analytics conference of the year, then contact steve.richardson@whitehallmedia.co.uk.