Transparent and uniform access management system across all file servers

“With the 8MAN management system, we made the right decision.”
John-Asmus Burmester, Managing Director, MPC IT Services

About the client

MPC IT Services is an internal service provider that supports all IT and communication related issues for the well-established foreign trade company, The MPC Group.

Business Challenges

The aim of MPC IT Services was to achieve a standardised, transparent and uniform access management system for all MPC Group file servers.

Critical Requirement – managing the Active Directory permissions:

  • Protect the business critical data
  • Reduce time to track and report on data access
  • Simplify the management system access authorisation process
  • Enhance transparency

The Solution: 8MAN from protected-networks

MCP IT’s initial contact with protected-networks was back in January 2011. After a brief demonstration of the software and after completing the testing phase of 8MAN, the decision was quickly made to implement the program for the MPC Group. It took only 15 to 30 minutes to train each employee with the final implementation being completed after only 1.5 days.

“We had been exploring several software companies and their offerings to streamline our file servers access systems, but we were never really convinced with the solution. We were seeking a solution that would quickly and easily answer a few basic questions, such as, “Who within the company has which authority?” and “Who has access to a particular directory?” Additionally, we were looking for a comprehensive overview of Active Directory groups and general access structure,” said John-Asmus Burmester, Managing Director, MPC IT Services.

“8MAN has helped in so many ways, especially in achieving the desired level of transparency and standardising the data environment that our company truly needed. With the help of this solution, we have significantly increased the reliability and integrity of our own data.”

Key Business Benefits: Doing a management system change effectively

MPC IT Services uses 8MAN to supervise full control of all administrative tasks. Browsing permissions and accessing reports are just a few of the available functions which have helped the company in managing over 550 users across the organisation.

“We have not come across any other solution that meets our requirements in the way that 8MAN does. The intelligently designed software has resolved the majority of our concerns,” stated Bjorn Pursche, team leader of MPC IT service users. “What impressed us most was not only the pragmatic approach of 8MAN, but also the key advantage that with 8MAN we now need less than 30 minutes for each access authorisation.”

protected-networks is constantly improving and developing advanced solutions, keeping in view the changing needs of growing companies. Enabling transparency, continuous standardisation and the automation of extensive reports, it has delivered value to companies like MPC IT in terms of quality of service as well as by providing added security and trust.

“In discussions with companies that use other solutions for access management systems, we are more than convinced that we made the right decision with 8MAN,” commented John-Asmus Burmester, Managing Director, MPC IT Services.

About protected-networks: Founded in 2009, protected-networks GmbH is a Berlin-based company that develops integrated solutions for access rights management of server environments across all business sectors and at public authorities. The solution, 8MAN is an Information Trust Software based on an innovative approach to integrated data security access management systems and offers uniform and automated management of user rights. Clients thereby save cost and time while increasing protection against unauthorised internal access.

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