‘8MAN accelerates the task of generating authorisation reports from days to less than two hours’

“8MAN helped us accelerate the arduous task of generating authorisation reports from days to less than two hours.”

– Stefan Brüggemann, Head of Atotech Worldwide IT Operations (Total Group)

About the client

Atotech was founded in 1993, when the Elf Atochem Group merged its M&T Harshaw operations with Schering Electroplating Division having a deep history in electroplating dating back to 1901. Today, Atotech is a direct subsidiary of the world’s fifth largest oil and gas company Total, created from the merger of TotalFina and Elf Aquitaine in 2000. Atotech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated production systems, chemistry, equipment, know-how and service for decorative and functional electroplating, semiconductor and printed circuit board manufacturing.

Next to the core business units: GMF (General Metal Finishing) and Electronics (Printed Circuit Board Production), additional business units such as Electronics Materials and Wafer play an increasingly important role for the future growth of Atotech and its customers. Headquartered in Berlin, with locations in all important industrial regions of the world, Asia, the Americas and Europe, Atotech is a truly international company employing over 3,600 people in more than 40 countries.

Business Challenges

To support their exponential growth, Atotech wanted to ensure Transparency in its Access Management system. The management needed to save time, reduce costs and ensure trust in their data and people, while being able to easily control internal access management processes. Access authorisations had previously been performed manually by local or central administrators. Atotech researched the market to identify software that could intuitively support and manage their access authorisation requirements. 8MAN Access Rights Management, from protected-networks.com, provided the ease of use, transparency, flexibility and reporting that Atotech had been looking for.

Critical Requirement – to control file server and Active Directory permissions:

  • Regulate who can access business critical data
  • Tangibly Reduce amount of time spent by administrators on authorization management
  • Streamline the access rights to sensitive data and thereby curtail the impending risks

Protected Networks’ Solution: 8MAN

8MAN, which is essentially an Information Trust Software, analyses and evaluates existing access authorisations, providing IT and Data Owners with a graphical overview of user and group access authorisations allowing for informed control and management. The solution graphically represents the assigned rights, automates processes and optimises standard operating procedures.

Key Business Benefits

Automated Processes: IT is often caught up in daily repetitious tasks, particularly around managing access rights. With 8MAN the group wizard automates these tasks, reducing the scope for human error and increasing productivity by accelerating the process by up to 90 percent. Once the requirements have been specified by the administrator, 8MAN provides a fully automated authorisation assignment process, thereby minimising potential errors. In addition, valuable data can be archived in an audit-proof format, thus satisfying business legal requirements, and allowing audits to be completed quickly and effortlessly.

“The administrators can view their Active Directory from a completely new perspective: for example, the users, groups and their relationship to one another are illustrated as dynamic graphics in a tree structure or a list. You have the option to access actively – just by Drag and Drop” commented Stephan Brack, Managing Director, protected-networks.com.

Compliance and Control: Business critical data is an irreplaceable asset. When basic questions such as who can view and access data cannot be confidently answered, there is a real threat to the overall integrity and confidentiality of the organisation’s data assets.

“8MAN has highlighted how access rights given to trainees who pass through various departments, ex-employees and project staff are often not revoked when they leave the company or department.” said Stefan Brüggemann. 8MAN immediately identifies the flaws in the permissions caused by improper or outdated approvals and provides a trustworthy solution to review and manage access permission. Employees, trainees or project staff who are required to have access rights during the period of their employment can all be set up quickly and easily, but more importantly upon termination, departmental transfer or project completion, 8MAN automatically cancels the rights.

8MAN has been installed in four different locations including Austria and the Czech Republic, and is already helping Atotech to save time and money, but perhaps more importantly it is allowing the organisation to have trust in its data and people.

About Protected Networks: Founded in 2009, Protected Networks GmbH is a Berlin-based company that develops integrated solutions for access rights management of server environments across all business sectors and at public authorities. The solution, 8MAN is an Information Trust Software based on an innovative approach to integrated data security management and offers uniform and automated management of user rights. Clients thereby save cost and time while increasing protection against unauthorised internal access.

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