Providing an efficient and secure infrastructure to house the burgeoning amount of Big Data

How do you provide an adequate and efficient infrastructure to house the burgeoning amount of Big Data now available online? Where do you keep this information, and how do you store it securely? How can enterprises keep vital information readily available online, and drive more value from this information? These were the questions posed by Mike Kearsey of EMC, as he addressed Whitehall Media’s Big Data Analytics conference. The answer it appears is to develop sequel server technologies which increase uptime and improve the utilisation of hardware. EMC has been working in collaboration with Microsoft to solve these problems, and has developed sequel server technology which helps enterprises improve productivity whilst reducing capital expenditure. In short, EMC’s sequel server technology helps businesses do more for less.

Heritage Auctions are gathering big data at a vast rate

Mr Kearsey cited the example of one of its major clients, Heritage Auctions, to demonstrate the point. Heritage Auctions is the third largest online auction house in the world. Its focus is collectable items of value: so whether a client is looking to get hold of an original Da Vinci sketch, or source one of the original costumes from the Star Wars films, this is the auction house of choice. The site functions in pretty much the same way as eBay: however, the success of the site is wholly dependent on being able to display and process vast amounts of critical information and make this available to its members instantly. Heritage Auctions provides information to bidders about an items authenticity, value, history and credence. The auction site currently has over 35 million images, videos and web documents available for its clients to view, and this information is doubling every 3 months.

EMC needed to provide them with a solution

The challenge facing EMC was to develop sequel server technology which would keep this critical information readily available and also secure. EMC responded to this challenge by developing sequel server applications which optimised Heritage Auction’s infrastructure: EMC helped the auction house get the right information to the right people at the right time, whilst balancing costs against performance and building in scalability for future growth.

The results are impressive and speak for themselves. In three months Heritage Auctions has doubled its membership, yet there has been no impact on its existing membership or slow-down in the amount of information available online. It is forecast that this staggering growth will continue with membership doubling every three months, but with the scalable technology now in place, the site will still be able to cope with and process the vast amounts of additional critical big data. Not only have EMC’s sequel server applications helped Heritage Auctions make this information available securely, but the scalable technology means that the company s able to react instantly to increased demand at any given time without impacting on the existing user base.