Day 120: What’s the collective noun for a group of Data Scientists?

120 days into my tenure leading the Greenplum business in the UK and Ireland and we’ve just completed our first sponsorship of a global “Hackathon”. What a great experience. Working closely with the Data Science London community, as part of their Big Data Week, together we organized 200 plus data scientists in 10 cities to compete, over a 24 hour period, to predict the air quality in Cook County in the US. Seeing all the data scientists at Big Data Week got me thinking. What is the collective noun for a group of data scientists?Now, there is a Unix of Techies, an Accrual of Accountants, a Rash of Dermatologists and a Gazump of Estate Agents. But what about a group of Data Scientists?

Stand Up Comedians gather in a Heckle, you’ll find an Addition of Mathematicians in the university common room, and a Shortness of Jockeys in the weighing room. Dressage riders congregate in a Collection and Show Jumpers form a Crop. But what is the collective noun for a group of Data Scientists at a Hacakthon?

Is it a Regression? A Correlation? A Variance? A Coefficent? Or does a Probability fit better? Maybe a Cohort of Data Scientists focuses on the data aspect as opposed to the statistical element. Odds, Risk, Confidence or a Chi would all be candidates.

But as I watch all these individuals work together in unison who have come together as a community for this week it is the community aspect that comes through. It is clear as the groups work together that Data Science is a team sport. But more than that working with data is both science and art. Visualisation of data has reached such heights that maybe we should call them Data Artists.

So what adjective would add to the science and capture the art and the community that this profession deserves? So why not look to the world of music. To a group of people who speak or sing in unison to give life to a composition in drama or poetry recitation. And then it’s becomes clear…

A Chorus of Data Scientists

What started as an experiment for a handful of visionaries has suddenly become a force that has fundamentally changed our future. Data science is not only a competitive necessity, but a defining force shaping the evolution of every industry and every sector.

So as we plan our next Hackathon in June for the Chorus of Data Scientists in the London Data Science Community I look forward and invite you to the global gathering of Data Scientists in Las Vegas May 22nd and 23rd at the World’s 2nd Data Science Summit.

See firsthand how organizations are using data science to shift the balance of power in their markets. Stay on top of the most important trends emerging from academia. Explore how to optimize your teams and strategies to realize the full potential of data science. And engage with your peers to generate your next great idea.