Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualisation conference, 2012: making IT work smarter for business

Whitehall Media successfully ran its 3rd Annual Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization Conference and Exhibition at the Lancaster Hotel, Central London on 8 March, 2012. Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization, 2012, was designed to help organizations address the growing exposure to the Cloud and equip the delegates with the know-how to deploy Secure Cloud Infrastructures in their own workplace. From the feedback we’ve received so far, this year’s conference definitely proved to be a hit with both our sponsors and the 381delegates who attended. The conference, as promised, delivered yet another high quality, topical and content-focused programme about the deployment of Enterprise-Wide Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructures across enterprise-level companies across the UK.
Cloud Computing represents one of the largest new investment opportunities on the horizon. Some Enterprise CIOs estimate that they will spend around 40 percent of their IT budget on Cloud Computing in the next two years, rising to 70 percent by 2016. It’s been predicted that large enterprises with 10,000 to 15,000 applications are considering moving 2,000 to 3,000 of these to The Cloud over the next couple of years, or accessing them there as SaaS applications. The Enterprise world is changing quickly and businesses now have to deal with a number of new technologies: Web 2.0, the explosion in mobile connectivity and the emergence of the surreal, yet enormously powerful new world of Cloud Computing. The significance of The Cloud is hard to over-estimate: it has the potential to spark one of the biggest shifts in the corporate IT power balance since the rise of the desktop PC.
The Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization Conference clearly demonstrated how businesses can move from theory to implementation, by covering topics ranging from practical cloud computing designs, standards, infrastructure decisions, and  the economic realities needed to transform an organization’s IT infrastructure. Particular attention was focused on Virtualisation, which, after all is the essential catalyst for enabling the transition to cloud computing. It was clearly demonstrated how virtualisation is driving a fundamental shift in data centre environments, by lowering capital and operational costs, and enabling IT agility and flexibility.
Drawing many industry experts and senior-level decision makers, the conference agenda focused on three major issues: the business impact of the Cloud, the practical applications for major companies using The Cloud today, and the future direction of Virtualization technologies. This event is proving to be a must for every senior technologist, CIO, CTO, director of infrastructure, VP of technology, IT director and manager, network and storage manager, network engineer, enterprise architect, and communications and networking specialist.
Whitehall Media certainly got the impression that end-users and planners found the interactive exhibition particularly worthwhile, as it showcased every element of best-practice in Cloud and Virtualised environments across a range of applications. It also gave many of the delegates the chance to talk to industry experts, assess the suitability of the latest solutions on offer for businesses, and see how this cost-effective and seamless cutting-edge technology works.
We trust that everyone who attended this year’s conference found the event enjoyable, informative and productive.  We look forward to welcoming you to ECCV, 2013, which promises to even more exciting and rewarding.