Delivering Secure Critical National Infrastructure, 2012

Critical National Infrastructure is crucial to the continued delivery of essential services in the UK. Without the secure protection of this critical national information and data, the UK would suffer serious consequences including severe economic damage, grave social disruption and potentially the large-scale loss of a life. The protection of critical infrastructure will undoubtedly be shaped by a growing understanding of the threats posed by climate change and growing energy insecurity. These issues, in tandem with the continued global economic crisis, have the potential to constrict security spending and further reduce the personnel levels within our vital critical networks and services. Consequently the sector faces severe challenges.  Delivering Secure Critical National Infrastructure (DSCNI), 2012, will address the challenges for the UK in transforming National Security and Resilience Policy into a cohesive plan for delivery of the National Security Strategy. The event is also a major platform for debating and discussing the UK’s biggest security challenge: Cyber-Security – a key vulnerability that urgently needs to be addressed to protect the nation’s essential services. Whitehall Media, the business-to-business multi-platform media group, looks forward to welcoming all delegates to our fourth CNI Conference and exhibition which will be held at the Russell Hotel, Central London on 19 June, 2012.

Protecting the Critical National Infrastructure

Protecting the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), and ensuring the continuation of political, social and economic activity is vital to the UK. The CNI is the backbone and the lifeblood of the country. Any disruption, damage or destruction to all or part of the CNI would inevitably result in severe consequences for the critical functioning of government, the economy and society.

This year’s Conference aims to build on the extremely successful CNI 2011 Conference, and examine ways in which technology and effective Contingency Planning can radically improve the resilience of our infrastructure, whilst analysing the role of the CPNI in managing interdependencies and disparate security arrangements across the various stakeholders. CNI 2012: Delivering Secure Critical National Infrastructure will address the challenges for the UK in transforming National Security and Resilience Policy into a cohesive plan for the delivery of the National Security Strategy.

Key Topics and debates

  • Security and the National Infrastructure
  • Analyses of the Strategic Defence Review
  • National Infrastructure Plan
  • New and Emerging Threats and Dependencies
  • Tackling Cyber Security
  • UK Counter Terrorism Strategy
  • Addressing the CNI concept in terms of definition and operation
  • Understanding the threat to the CNI, and how risks can be managed across the complex and interdependent range of stakeholders
  • The National Security Strategy – Developing a best practice resilience framework
  • Contingency Planning
  • Assessing public sector measures designed to assure the integrity, coherence and protection of the key CNI sectors
  • Consideration of the implications for the private sector in operating competitively, whilst owning specific national assets and interests
  • Reflecting on the role of security and resilience technology

This Conference and exhibition promises to be a truly enlightening and interactive experience for end-users and planners alike, and will build on the success of last year’s annual conference. The exhibition will showcase all elements of best practice of technology in action across a range of applications, and allow delegates to access the latest solutions on offer. Secure Critical National Infrastructure, 2012, will deliver the most up-to-date information for government and industry professionals, and provide a platform for CEOs, industry leaders, managers, academics, and government officials to exchange ideas on technology trends and current practice. With nearly 400 delegates attending last year, CNI 2012 promises to be the must-attend Conference of the National Security Calendar.

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