Whitehall Media: Public Sector Enterprise ICT 2012

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Public Sector ICT

Public Sector Enterprise ICT 2012 is a business strategy conference that will be attended by key Public Sector decision-makers across the UK. It will focus on the practical aspects of the effective delivery of the forthcoming government ICT strategy as well as discuss the technology and business aspects of maximising efficiency and achieving Value for Money. It will also reach out to embrace the Efficiency and Reform agenda in the context of delivering best practice in ICT. This will formulate a serious discussion about the need to deliver massive savings while maintaining the integrity of its technology infrastructure. Public Sector enterprise ICT and government ICT strategy, will be the most powerful government ICT event of 2012 and will gather together some of the UK’s pre-eminent speakers who influence and determine policy for the most influential sector of the Government. Key speakers will include high level public servants and specialists from the Public Sector arena.

The public sector event aims to strip away the political rhetoric commonly associated with traditional government conferences, and deliver clearer and more effective lines of communication between all areas of Government Agencies, their IT Departments and the exclusive supplier arena. It will provide those charged with the implementation of business change and Improving efficiency with a powerful platform to discuss the policies and agendas that they are required to deliver in order to effect a truly secure and technologically innovative government in the 21st Century.

ICT Critical in government changes

Information and communications technology (ICT) is critical for the effective operation of government and the delivery of the services it provides to citizens and businesses.  .The government’s ICT Strategy aims to deliver better public services for a reduced cost. It believes efficient ICT can release savings, and increase public sector productivity and efficiency. These savings are critical in order to reduce the structural deficit and continue to fund front-line services.  The government maintains that its ICT strategy will enable the building of a common infrastructure, underpinned by a set of common standards. Government will work to accelerate the implementation of the strategy as part of its drive to cut down costs and improve current capabilities.

The strategy will build on the ICT moratorium, project reviews and contract renegotiations which have allowed the government to appraise and take control of spending, and ensure that projects demonstrate value for money and effectiveness. It will further underline the government’s commitment to increasing transparency, through actions like publishing government ICT contracts online. This will make it easier for the public to scrutinise how money is spent as well as opening up new opportunities for business.  The strategy is focused on driving real change. It sets out how government ICT will enable the delivery of public services in very different ways to the past. The government is taking a different approach to deliver this strategy, characterised by a strong centre and continued commitment to greater transparency through regular and open reporting.

IT operational efficiency is a business imperative. Optimizing the IT infrastructure improves operational efficiency by reducing costs, improving agility, and maximizing performance. Public Sector Enterprise ICT 2012 will address all areas of the strategy, and  give delegates the opportunity to debate and discuss the key issues of the day with the policy makers in government. The public sector enterprise event will assess the level of efficiency savings that can be achieved in the use of IT and will make recommendations about how these savings can be achieved. It will also build on a number of initiatives, such as the Digital Britain Campaign and the Information Matters paper. The conference aims to bring together the users and suppliers of solutions and technology to discuss business and government initiatives, latest trends and developments, large scale deployments, partnerships & alliances, developing standards, new applications, new business opportunities and future direction.