The Fourth Annual Critical National Infrastructure Conference and Exhibition

The Executive Committee at Whitehall Media have great pleasure in presenting CNI 2012: Delivering Secure Critical National Infrastructure – The fourth Annual Critical National Infrastructure Conference and Exhibition.

Protecting the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and ensuring the continuation of political, social and economic activity is vital to the UK.

The CNI is both the backbone and the lifeblood of the country. Any disruption, damage or destruction to all or part of the CNI could result in grave consequences for the functioning of government, the economy and society.

This year’s Conference aims to build on the extremely successful CNI 2011 Conference and examine ways in which technology and effective Contingency Planning radically improve the resilience of our Infrastructure, whilst analysing the role of the CPNI in managing interdependencies and disparate security arrangements across the various stakeholders.

CNI 2012: Delivering Secure Critical National Infrastructure will address the challenges for the UK in transforming National Security and Resilience Policy into a cohesive plan for delivery of the National Security Strategy.

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