Asif Baig

An accomplished Business Intelligence, Retail, technology and thought leader with wide ranging experience in SAP, Microsoft and IBM technology spaces. 

Asif has been delivering business transformation projects for over 25 years, with a focus on Business Intelligence for the last 15 years, implementing & supporting both hybrid and single vendor solutions and in house and hybrid delivery teams. 

His experience of building effective teams from the ground up confirms his strong belief that it is the people who make the real difference and getting the ‘mix’ right is key. 

Leveraging his extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of retail, finance, supply chain and customer analytics, he has helped customers navigate their way through the complex technology and team options, focusing on value added activities and solutions. 

He remains passionate about unlocking and mining the invaluable resource of data, giving it meaning and context to extract Business Insights, enabling effective decision making. 

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