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Big Data Analytics & AI

9 November 2023

Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London

Seminars @ BDA & AI

Seminars @ 12:30 and 15:30

Away from the conference hall you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject which is of most relevance to you. With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor made with you in mind.

During this session delegates will be able to attend one seminar. No pre-selection is required.

Augmented Analytics. Evolve or be left behind.


Simon Adler, Senior Director of Solutions Engineering EMEA, Pyramid Analytics

Do you still manually annotate insights or struggle to communicate them to non-technical users? In this session, we will show how augmented insights can be quickly generated and leveraged at every level. Uncover automated content generation with forecasting, smart insights, data explanations, and narrative text generation, so your organizations can make better decisions more easily.

Simon Adler
Senior Director of Solutions Engineering EMEA, Pyramid Analytics
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Room / Location:
Main Conference Room

The Hybrid Dilemma – into the technical debate! 


Nicholas Miles, Senior Solution Architect in Analytics, Delaware

Tia-Marie Meriez, MS Reporting and BI Analyst, Delaware


A key part of developing a data strategy is ensuring data quality and context is retained and that the insights are delivered in a timely manner to everyone who needs it. 

Fundamental to this is deciding if and when the data should be moved, should a cloud-based strategy be private or public cloud? Does that lead into a combination of technical solutions, for example SAP but with storage on Azure? Then add in do we use, for example, an SAP or Microsoft front end or do we look for a more specific Analytics application to deliver the data to the end users? And then there is AI…. 

In this session, through the lens of both an SAP and Microsoft estate, we will look at the options of how to work through these questions before the project starts to ensuring the successful outcome of a data and analytics project and laying a strong data foundation for the future. 


  • When to move to the Cloud and then should it be Private or Public Could? 
  • How to navigate the multi-vendor hybrid solutions, SAP and, or Microsoft? Adding in a 3rd party product? 
  • How to manage a hybrid estate? 

We will aim to answer these questions and more by looking at how some of Delaware’s customers have made their decisions, with a little help from Delaware! 

Nicholas Miles
Senior Solution Architect in Analytics, Delaware
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Tia-Marie Meriez
MS Reporting & BI Analyst, Delaware
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Room / Location:
Edward 1 Room

Augmenting Master Data with Data Integrity: Governance and Quality Considerations


Justin Thomas, MDM Director EMEA, Precisely

Getting the greatest return on your master data management investments will require more modern capabilities to automate and facilitate even greater accuracy, consistency, and context. To achieve this, augmented master data management will benefit from more robust and integrated data integrity capabilities such as data governance, data quality, and data enrichment.

Join us in this session to understand how modern master data management strategies are complemented by a strong focus on data integrity to simplify and accelerate MDM – while improving the accuracy, consistency, and context of your critical data.

In this session you will learn:

• Why master data management is a business imperative for data-driven organisations
• What challenges with the current approach require more augmented MDM
• How data integrity makes your data more valuable, trustworthy, and actionable

Justin Thomas
MDM Director EMEA, Precisely
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Room / Location:
Edward 3 Room

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