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Big Data Analytics

9 November 2022

Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London

Seminars @ BDA


Away from the conference hall you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject which is of most relevance to you. With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor made with you in mind.

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar live at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend live and watch the remainder on demand.

Online data analysis – easily analyse and visualise your data


As data analytics are now an integral part of business life, more and more companies elaborate strategies to manage their data effectively and make the most out of it.

In today’s fast-paced business world, smart online data analysis tools are essential to successfully managing a business.

We have never before been exposed to so much information as we are today, nor have we ever been exposed to so much data collection. Raw data make an increasing part of any business; it can no longer be ignored and needs to be dealt with.

We address:

  • Manage and visualize your metrics instantly
  • Visualize data from multiple sources
  • Access real-time data anytime, anywhere
  • Utilize full-service solutions
  • Take charge of your outcomes

Smarter, more responsible, scalable AI


Smarter, more responsible, scalable AI will enable better learning algorithms, interpretable systems and shorter time to value. Organizations will begin to require a lot more from AI systems, and they’ll need to figure out how to scale the technologies — something that up to this point has been challenging.

Although traditional AI techniques may rely heavily on historical data, given how COVID-19 has changed the business landscape, historical data may no longer be relevant.

We address:

  • Deliver on your performance needs
  • Achieve scalability and extend configurability
  • Simplify the deployment of AI across all markets

Visualise your data online and in real-time with a few clicks


Thanks to professional online data visualization tools, companies from all industries can quickly and efficiently universally visualize their most relevant information, facilitating collaboration and business growth.

It is impossible to ignore the benefits an interactive visualization can bring to your business. To put this into perspective, here we present you a list of benefits your business could extract from investing in modern online data visualization software:

  • Easy data administration
  • Informative, yet attractive messaging
  • Take advantage of the cloud
  • Clear and understandable data
  • Self-service and flexible reports

Business insights at your fingertips


Effective self-service analytics tools allow users of every skill set to explore their data and generate meaningful insights within minutes so that everyone in the company can take advantage of data-driven decisions. Data experts will find an advanced feature set to dig deep into all kinds of information.

We address, how you can:

  • Run custom SQL queries
  • Build SQL query by drag and drop
  • Blend disparate data
  • All common dialects supported

Empower your workforce – self-service BI


As the amount of business data is constantly growing, companies must focus their efforts on managing the data and analysing it with the help of business intelligence, designed to help businesspeople draw insights from past performance, predict future events and avoid obstacles even before they have taken place.

The investment in and use of the tools that can generate quality business insights have experienced long-term growth, regardless of the economic cycle. It has accelerated in recent years as enterprises are craving data to not just grow and improve, but also to manage their businesses daily.

We address, how you can better understand who requires what, who loads the data and where, and how you can democratise access to, as well as widen responsibility for, the creation of critical reports or dashboards.

How DataOps amplifies data and analytics business value


The pandemic has accelerated the need for data and analytics leaders to deliver data and analytics insight faster, with higher quality and resiliency in the face of constant change.

Organizations need to make better-informed and faster decisions with a focus on automation, real-time risk assessment and mitigation, continuous value delivery and agility.

As a result, data and analytics leaders are increasingly applying DataOps techniques that provide a more agile and collaborative approach to building and managing data pipelines.

Join us as we address, how to adapt your DataOps strategy to a utility value proposition, use DataOps to support data’s use as a business enabler, and support the data and analytics driver value proposition.

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