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10 November 2021

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Extensive research is carried out in order to ensure that our programmes provide a platform for industry experts from the worlds most data driven organisations are able to address the most important issues which matter to you and provide a path towards greater success

Keynote Speaker
Kiran Samudrala
Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Equifax

Kiran has over 20 years of experience in Data & Analytics space.

As part of this role, he is responsible for Data & Analytics Strategy and Delivery.

Kiran is the centre head at a specialized Analytics Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru.

In addition to India, this centre of excellence also works on critical projects for Equifax’s US business and services Equifax customers in Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Prior to joining Equifax, he was a Global Head for Analytics & Tools at HSBC.

He has an MBA in Marketing & MIS and holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Keynote Speaker
Dr George Zarkadakis
Dr George Zarkadakis, Senior Fellow, Geotech Centre, Atlantic Council

George Zarkadakis is a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and the Digital Lead of Willis Towers Watson, a global advisory firm in insurance and human capital.

He has over 25 years of experience in management consulting, media, marketing and communications; as well as in digital strategy and innovation as a founder, advisor, and investor in technology start-ups.

He has held positions at Accenture, Silicon Graphics, and the European Bioinformatics Institute.

He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and is the author of “In Our Own Image: will Artificial Intelligence Save Us or Destroy Us?” (Penguin 2015).

His most recent book is “Cyber Republic: reinventing democracy in the age of intelligent machines” (MIT Press 2020).

France has awarded George an honorary knighthood for his international work on the public understanding of science.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a global thought leader on the impact of technology on business transformation, the future of work, and the future of democracy.

Keynote Speaker
Mike Younggon Cho
Head of Marketing Data & Analytics, Samsung

Mike is an evangelist of digital transformation and business translator in the era of big data and data science for multi-moment marketing.

As the head of Marketing Data and Analytics at Samsung Electronics Benelux, he serves himself to establish a solid central data team to help business stakeholders make the right decision in the marketing activities. Keeping up with the most recent advanced marketing analytics, Mike connects dots between data and insights to have a complete picture for marketing analytics: from strategic insights to the machine learning-based automatic decision for operational excellence.

His study in MBA Big Data and Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam enabled him to bridge academic learnings to business practices and realize ideation into marketing analytics actions. On top of that, Mike’s former experience in the banking industry as a financial consultant in South Korea made him strongly customer-oriented and an easy go-to person for insight and analytics.

That’s why he always encourages his team to be supportive toward business stakeholders and use their languages even though his team is a group of experts in marketing analytics.

Keynote Speaker
Madhumita Mantri
Senior Product Manager (Data), PayPal

Data R&D Product Manager, enjoy solving problems for data users and delivering successful business outcomes by unlocking data potentials.

Strong entrepreneurial spirit and my background in techno-functional domains (social media, Trust & Feed AI, CRM, Data products/platforms, Applied AI/ML, Data Science, Fin-tech, Data for social good), technical architecture and exposure to product launches help me to build products that matter.

Keynote Speaker
Johanna Hutchinson
Director of Data and Data Science, Joint Biosecurity Centre, Test and Trace, Department for Health and Social Care

Dr Johanna Hutchinson is the Joint Biosecurity Centre’s (JBC) – a part of Test & Trace – Director of Data & Data Science and DataIQ’s third most influential person in Data (DataIQ’s 100 The Most Influential People in DATA 2021).

Johanna moved to DHSC in April 2020 and joined the JBC to build the growing data capability and promote transparency. Prior to this, Johanna had been headhunted by the Pensions Regulator to embed data into new business operations against pension reforms.

Johanna’s previous leadership at HMRC has seen HMRC’s first Data Strategy and Data Team come to fruition, after having worked at the Office of National Statistics in 2012, where Johanna began her career in the Civil Service.

She is a keen advocate of the increased use of data and analysis in public services and has always been a key player in promoting diversity in the workforce.

Keynote Speaker
Titilayo Are
BI & Analytics Project Manager, NHS Digital
Keynote Speaker
Polina Abdoulina
Senior Data Scientist, OKR Program Lead, TNT Digital / FedEx

Polina is a Sr. Data Scientist in the Advanced Analytics team of TNT Digital International, with experience in data engineering, analytics and data science in corporate international environments, previously at Shell International and Exact.

As OKR Program Lead at TNT Digital, she is also currently leading the Digital International organisation in the adoption of the OKR methodology with the ultimate goal to have measurable and visible business impact throughout the organisation.

Being a certified Scrum Master, certified Product Owner and certified SAFe Agilist, Polina also loves working in an agile and pragmatic way, educating others and helping the business embrace agile transformation.

Keynote Speaker
Bertram Pamminger
Head of Engineering Data Products, Daimler AG

Ever since starting his career at Daimler, Bertram has been working with bill-of-material data; but only after Daimler focused more on the value that can be extracted from data under a new CIO, Bertram looked into new ways of digging deeper. For 4 years, Bertram has been leading a data-driven team to find ways to unlock the potential of Data for Daimler Trucks engineering and has been an ambassador of digital transformation and focus on data.

In recent projects, Bertram has been focused on creating business value by providing “insights for everyone” and successfully rolling-out easy access tools. These tools don’t require data science, data engineering or programming skills, bringing the right questions it the only requirement.

Bertram supports the vehicle and powertrain organization of Daimler Trucks in their respective strategic projects to reduce variants and complexity without impacting the ability to deliver the exact right product to every customer.

Keynote Speaker
Kat James
Head of Data Science, Royal Mail

Katherine James is the Head of Data Science at Royal Mail, where she leads a team of 20 data scientists working on a wide variety of projects including forecasting, vehicle route optimization, workload planning and AI for operational managers.

Her background is in statistical genetics and she completed a PhD in the genetics of HIV-2 infection at Oxford in 2014. Following a short Post-Doc in Kumamoto in Southern Japan, she returned to the UK and entered industry as a data scientist in the Know Me team at British Airways. She was responsible for building a recommender system for email personalization which went through successful A/B testing and formed the basis for destination personalization to over 4 million customers.

She has been at Royal Mail since 2016 and alongside her day job is a passionate advocate for women in Tech, mentoring several early career data scientists and regularly blogging and speaking about how to increase diversity in tech teams at internal and external events.

Keynote Speaker
Sarah Westphal
Senior Product Owner, a.s.r. analytics lab

After finishing her PhD at the Utrecht University in 2015, Sarah started working for a.s.r. as a marketing intelligence analyst. Since then, she has held different functions within a.s.r. all related to data innovation and machine learning.

In 2018, Sarah set up the a.s.r. analytics lab, the company’s centre of excellence for machine learning and artificial intelligence. She currently works together with her fast-growing team on accelerating the use of algorithms for a.s.r’s different operations.

Sarah has a keen interest in everything related to agile leadership, data innovation, automation and machine learning.

Keynote Speaker
Sébastien Oldenbroek
Product Owner Data, Nationale-Nederlanden

Sébastien Oldenbroek is Product Owner Data at the Dutch insurance company Nationale Nederlanden – Non Life within the NN-Group. He has been leading several teams that work on the Non-Life Data Warehouse since 2019. Dating back to 2015, he held various roles, from IT Management Trainee to Data Quality Officer.

How did a Chemistry graduate end up in IT? He likes the complexity of IT, especially data, thinking in different layers and abstract models and combining it with business sense.

Keynote Speaker
Dani Marouane
Enterprise Architect, IoT & Big Data Domain architect, Damen Group

Dani Marouane works as a digital segment architect at the IT&IM department of Damen Shipyards Group, the Netherlands.

He graduated in 2011 from the Moroccan Aviation international Academy as embedded systems engineer and 2014, from EMLyon Business School as a digitalization engineer. His main specialties are big data, real-time processing, analytics and IoT.

He joined Damen Shipyards in 2015 working on multiple innovation projects before designing and realizing the Damen Digital platform, implementing a DevOps structure with automation and continuous delivery implementations among other Big Data projects.

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