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Big Data Analytics

10 November 2021

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Seminars @ BDA


Away from the conference hall you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject which is of most relevance to you. With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor made with you in mind.

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar live at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend live and watch the remainder on demand.

Seminar A – Confluent – Setting Your Data in Motion: Streaming with Confluent


Alex Stuart, Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Your business is in motion. Join Alex Stuart, Solutions Engineer at Confluent to learn how easy it is to connect your apps, systems, and your entire organization with real-time data flow and processing. Alex will talk you through how to process your real-time data streams instantaneously with just a few SQL statements, making your data immediately actionable by continuously processing. By attending you will understand why data in rest has been surpassed by data in motion.

  • Review Kafka Basics
  • Concepts of Stream Processing
  • Kafka Streams & ksqlDB deepdive
  • Examples and demonstration
Alex Stuart
Solutions Engineer, Confluent
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Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

Seminar B – Qlik – When Data Leads Transformation Follows


Ted Orme, Head of Enterprise Data Integration Strategy, EMEA, Qlik

In this session you’ll learn how Qlik is accelerating DataOps for analytics with our new modern data integration platform that combines the recently acquired Attunity products together with Qlik Data Catalyst. We’ll share use cases and demonstrations that highlight the tremendous impact that real-time data delivery, automation and catalogs have with cloud data lake and warehouse initiatives, with examples from enterprise organisations.

Ted Orme
Head of Enterprise Data Integration Strategy, EMEA, Qlik
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Room / Location:
Session 4 @ 13:45

Seminar C – Pure Storage – Pure FlashBlade: The UFFO Platform for Powering Your Modern Applications


Mike Roan, UK&I Director – Systems Engineering, Pure Storage

Modern application environments have been transformed thanks to containers, Kubernetes, and low-code solutions. Even as these services expand their reach, IT pros and decision makers are still figuring out how to think through these constructs. And those that have implemented them are working through integrating them into workflows. At the same time, new hyperconvergence, data protection, disaster recovery, and flash storage solutions have taken center stage in the datacenter which provide the optimal platforms to deploy these modern applications. It only makes sense that modern applications deserve modern infrastructure and storage for optimal performance and availability.

Consider this – how prepared are you, your infrastructure, and your applications for the future of business?

The Supporting and Enabling Modern Applications EcoCast is here to help you learn about these exciting new solutions, discover how easy they can be to implement, get all your questions answered, and modernize your IT organization for the future!

Mike Roan
UK and I Director - Systems Engineering, Pure Storage
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Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

Seminar D – Pyramid Analytics – Addressing Fundamental Analytics Challenges Using the Power of Platform: How Emerging Technologies Enable “Decision Intelligence”


Ian Macdonald, Principal Technologist, Pyramid Analytics

Business decisions are hard. And in a more complex environment, the way we make them has only become harder. In fact, according to a Gartner 2021 Reengineering the Decision Survey, 47% of respondents expect decisions to become more complex in the next 18 months. Business intelligence, the standard mechanism for decision-makers across the continent, has historically represented the “traditional” route to operationalized decision-making.

Now, business leaders are looking to AI-driven analytics and data science to help them navigate this new decision environment and the evolving Business intelligence tools are outpaced only by the technology that underpins them. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and their countless applications seem to hold the keys to the future, but establishing systems and processes around these innovations is difficult to do, especially at the enterprise level. Yet the fundamental challenges of data silos and an endless array self-service analytics tools persist and are often exacerbated when data leaders attempt to work in data science and AI tools into traditional analytics workflows across the enterprise. Decisions become even harder. So why do these ambitious initiatives often fail to deliver on their promises?

In many cases, the new tools do little to solve age-old problems. What’s more, they are often too difficult to operate for the average business user. Analytics environments are not meaningfully aligned to business needs or more practically, “decision” needs. According to Gartner, “As businesses become more complex, traditional decision-making practices will become increasingly ineffective. Data and analytics leaders must leverage decision intelligence models to facilitate highly accurate and contextualized decisions.”

Increasingly, the preferred approach is the consolidation of key data-related competencies—namely, business analytics, data prep, and data science. Unifying these core analytics pillars in a single platform can bring organisations closer to seeing beyond business intelligence to the more actionable, insightful, and future-focused Decision Intelligence. But why does platform matter? And isn’t a best-in-breed approach preferred?

In this session, we’ll examine the challenges data and business leaders face, and how platforms that align to “decision” needs can address the persistent flaws of self-service analytics. We’ll also examine how applying the “right” level of AI and data science designed with business users in mind and integrated in everyday workflows can help them confidently address growing complexity.

Ian Macdonald
Principal Technologist, Pyramid Analytics
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Room / Location:
Session 5 @ 14:45

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