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Big Data Analytics

10 November 2021

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Programme @ BDA

Session One

  • Next-gen data science: building the workforce you need now and in the future
  • Applied big data and AI in times of disruption
  • Beyond the numbers: how to be a better data analyst
  • Data storytelling: how to get people’s attention
  • Analysing and modelling data in a complex world
  • Tomorrow never knows: the crystal ball of predictive analytics
  • Climbing the AI ladder: accelerate your journey

09:00 (GMT)

Conference Chair's Opening Address

Sukh Randhawa
Global Privacy Transformation & ED&I Lead, Unilever
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Sukh Randhawa, Global Privacy Transformation & ED&I Lead, Unilever

09:10 (GMT)

Data modernisation in the UK public health sector

Johanna Hutchinson
Director of Data and Data Science, Joint Biosecurity Centre, Test and Trace, Department for Health and Social Care
view profile

Johanna Hutchinson, Director of Data and Data Science, Joint Biosecurity Centre, Test and Trace, Department for Health and Social Care

In order to modernise the digitalisation of the NHS and wider UK health sector, public health officials in collaboration with medical practitioners and policymakers need to establish pathways for new data to be pipelined into existing data collection points.

By harmonising the volume, velocity, variety and veracity of the various data sources, we can better establish previously unimagined relationships, bring together existing data in new ways, and make use of novel data which currently resides outside of public health records.

We address:

• The need to modernise public data health systems
• Promote greater collaboration among healthcare systems
• Pay greater attention to the digitation of public health data systems

09:30 (GMT)

Is the Database only Half Done?

Alex Stuart
Solutions Engineer, Confluent
view profile

Alex Stuart, Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Databases have become a foundational element of the modern world and their importance over the last fifty years is hard to overemphasize. They have evolved to form a vast landscape of products that cater to different data types, volumes, velocities and query characteristics. But the broad definition of what a database is has changed relatively little.

Databases are passive receptacles that store our data and wait to be queried: an approach designed to help humans carry out the activities that businesses need to perform. But today’s world is far less dependent on human interaction, instead running on processes driven by technologies. This change in purpose forces a fundamental question: Is the database in its current form the right abstraction for this machine-driven world?

09:50 (GMT)

Evolving power of consumer data

Lauren Walker
Chief Data Officer, 2021 DataIQ Top 100
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Lauren Walker, Chief Data Officer, DataIQ Top 100

What are the practicalities of delivering on the ambition of customer experience nirvana powered by data?  This question can be answered by keeping pace with the change, understanding the platform necessary to win and building the right team to deliver value.

Ultimately those who are thriving in this new global digital economy are those turning data into information, information into insight and insight into competitive advantage.  It requires more than just technology to get there.  It is an evolution which requires a change in perspective, new roles and change agents at many levels of your organization.

There are three “truths” to accept as you build your path to success:

  1. Recognising and leveraging the platform ecosystem you’ll need in a time of seemingly unlimited technical choice.#
  2. Using the right lens, how do you and your team view data? How does the rest of the organisation view it?
  3. Building the right team

10:15 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

10:30 (GMT)

Networking Break

Session Two

10:45 (GMT)

Introduction to Session Two

Sukh Randhawa
Global Privacy Transformation & ED&I Lead, Unilever
view profile

Sukh Randhawa, Global Privacy Transformation & ED&I Lead, Unilever

10:50 (GMT)

The importance of data availability and how to deliver it

Bhagya Reddy
Director of Data Engineering, BT
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Bhagya Reddy, Director of Data Engineering, BT

Telecom/finance have terabytes of data available for getting all the information required for processing AI use cases or do predictions whatnot.

Having data doesn’t mean the clean data is available and could produce the results as required. It’s important to have clean quality data and from a different variety, velocity as required to satisfy the use case

11:05 (GMT)

A Business First Approach to Data Governance

Jay Reilly
VP of Sales Operations, Precisely
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Jay Reilly, VP of Sales Operations, Precisely

Traditional data governance initiatives fail by focusing too heavily on policies, compliance, and enforcement, which quickly lose business interest and support.  This leaves governance leaders and data stewards having to continually make the case for data governance to secure business adoption. In this session, we will share the core components of a business first approach data governance approach that secures organisational adoption, lays the foundation for data integrity, and consistently delivers business value for the long term.

11:20 (GMT)

Offering Meaningful Choice through Data Science

Irene Iriarte Carretero
Senior Data Scientist, Gousto
view profile

Irene Iriarte Carretero, Senior Data Scientist, Gousto

This talk will cover how recipe kit delivery company Gousto leverages Data Science to offer customers meaningful choices.

Through the use of a menu planning algorithm, we can ensure that our weekly menus are optimised to offer maximum variety across our recipes, while also considering operational constraints.

Personalisation algorithms then allow us to display the menus in a curated way that makes it easier for each of our customers to find and customise recipes they love.

• Data Science is our enabler to getting the maximum impact of a large menu, allowing us to scale choice
• Algorithms can help us offer the best experiences to our customers while also considering business operational constraints
• Data Science must work very closely with the rest of the business to get the benefit from algorithms
Irene is a Senior Data Scientist at UK recipe kit company Gousto.
She has been at the company for almost 5 years and has focused on using Data Science to help offer customers meaningful choice. This has involved building products such as a recommendation engine and a menu optimisation algorithm.
Prior to joining Gousto, she completed her PhD in Computational Chemistry at Imperial College London. She is also currently doing an MSc at UCL exploring the uses of Data Science in the Cultural Heritage field.

11:35 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

11:50 (GMT)

Networking Break

Session Three

12:05 (GMT)

Introduction to Session Three

Sukh Randhawa
Global Privacy Transformation & ED&I Lead, Unilever
view profile

Sukh Randhawa, Global Privacy Transformation & ED&I Lead, Unilever

12:10 (GMT)

How to Leverage Modern Real-Time Analytics with Legacy Applications

Zulfikar Qureshi
Senior Solutions Architect, HVR
view profile

Zulfikar Qureshi, Team Lead Sales Engineering, HVR

Because of the cost-saving benefits, competitive advantages, and new market opportunities, many data leaders feel the pressure to accelerate cloud adoption. However, implementing hybrid and multi-cloud strategies is daunting—incompatibility between diverse systems introduces too much complexity, and traditional ETL tools are slow and resource-intensive. While you gradually adopt the cloud, you can still deliver immense business value and actionable insights without impacting existing on-premises SAP ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM, and other enterprise applications. By building real-time data pipelines, you can meet current demands while setting the foundation for the future.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to implement a continuous data streaming method that securely and efficiently leverages data residing in SAP and other on-premises enterprise applications without impacting them
  • How HVR’s advanced log-based CDC technology securely accelerates high-volume data delivery in complex environments so it’s available in real-time for immediate decision making, advanced analytics, and ML/AI
  • Real-world examples of how hundreds of organizations leverage HVR to extract value from legacy systems to achieve a more dynamic and agile business

12:25 (GMT)

Data storytelling: how to get people’s attention

Polina van Lierop
Senior Data Scientist, OKR Program Lead, TNT Digital / FedEx
view profile

Polina van Lierop, Global Lead Customer Migration, TNT FedEx

Understanding what our experiences are and being able to quantify them and tell the stories of our lives is something that we can all relate to. The same can be said of the value that businesses gain from taking raw data and turning into, not just actionable information, but a story which is of business-wide relevance.

We address how best to tell a story with data.

·       Focus on one idea

·       Keep it simple

·       Explore the things you know best

·       Turn bad charts into compelling data stories

·       Understand the story you want to tell

12:40 (GMT)

Questions to the panel of speakers

12:55 (GMT)

Delegates Break for Lunch

13:00 (GMT)

Lunch Break

Session Four

13:45 (GMT)

Seminar Sessions A - B

14:30 (GMT)

Networking Break

Session Five

14:45 (GMT)

Seminar Sessions C - D

15:30 (GMT)

Networking Break

Session Six

Online Session Six

  • Leveraging open source data and AI platforms
  • Perpetually learning machines: keeping humans in the loop
  • Building trust in big data and AI
  • Real time decisions require a modern architecture
  • GPU accelerated data analytics: unlock value and context from your data
  • Where will your data live?

15:45 (GMT)

Introduction to Session Six

Sukh Randhawa
Global Privacy Transformation & ED&I Lead, Unilever
view profile

Sukh Randhawa, Global Privacy Transformation & ED&I Lead, Unilever

15:50 (GMT)

Innovation through digital intelligence

Rahma Javed
Director of Engineering, Deliveroo
view profile

Rahma Javed, Director of Engineering, Deliveroo

A wave of disruption is currently sweeping the globe in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. First came the health crisis, now comes the financial and economic.

One of the ways in which business leaders are looking to survive the storm is to expand data-led initiatives which can discover new opportunities, support continuity, improve productivity, and seek out new customers.

We discuss:

  • Competing with new entrants
  • Realising structural cost advantages
  • Adopting a digital first culture
  • Amending your product offerings
  • Creating convenience for customers
  • Leveraging digital technologies
  • Sensing market shifts
  • Innovating faster


16:05 (GMT)

Reimagining and improving Enterprise Data Quality at scale at PayPal

Sudhir Muthuraj
Director of Product Management, PayPal
view profile
Madhumita Mantri
Senior Product Manager (Data), PayPal
view profile

Sudhir Muthuraj, Director of Product Management, PayPal

Madhumita Mantri, Senior Product Manager, PayPal

This presentation will cover the following:

• Industry trends, market insights and current data quality challenges faced by enterprises similar to PayPal
• What is our strategy & solution?
• Learnings and what’s next

16:25 (GMT)

Questions to the panel of speakers

16:40 (GMT)

Closing remarks from the conference chair

16:45 (GMT)

Conference Closes

Please note:
Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

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