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Conference Chair’s Opening Address

David Terrar, Director and Deputy Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

Transformation through the convergence of data, technology and talent

Lauren Walker, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Data Officer EMEA, Dentsu Aegis Network

What are the practicalities of delivering on the ambition of customer experience nirvana powered by data?  This question can be answered by sharing lessons learned through a series of career experiences driving business transformation through data & tech & a shared strategy.

Ultimately those who are thriving in this new global digital economy are those turning information into a competitive advantage.  It requires more than just technology to get there.  It is an evolution which requires a change in perspective, new roles and change agents at many levels of your organization.

  • Using the right lens. So, we’ll explore your unique data lens
  • Recognizing the data defence and the data offensive strategies and how they co-exist
  • Teaching teams to look at data not only as a technical matter but a business matter
  • Having the right team and sponsorship

Siloed traditional models, inability to understand the immense amount of data, borderline Data IQ offices are growing issues. There is an increasing need for data and analytics leaders to follow the example of English as a second language and treat information as the new second language for business.

  • Data Dexterity – Identifying language gaps and establishing an ISL proof of concept for language development
  • How can leaders (e.g. CDO) become the boosters of curiosity and critical thinking in the workforce
  • How to create office spaces that take advantage of the potential of a data-driven workplace
  • Making data accessible across the enterprise, integrating your data across siloed functions
  • Establishing connections between your data and business objectives
  • Using data to help make informed decisions
Privacy, Security, and Bias in analysis of Big Data Sets

Dr Louise Bennett, Co-Chair, Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group; Director, Digital Policy Alliance

This talk will consider the key learning points from experience of data analytics over the last 50 years covering:

  • Analytic objectives
  • Data quality and relevance
  • The analyst’s understanding of their data
  • The confusion between correlation and causation
  • Analysis that grows like Topsy
  • Understanding bias
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online session two
Moving from concept to reality: actionable AI

Huma Lodhi, Data Scientist, BP

One of the key stumbling blocks to translating data into actionable intelligence is the lack of company-wide access to, and interaction with, data sets. This, in turn, leads to the failure of AI-led initiatives as data usage is not utilised to its maximum extent, leaving many to feel that reality has not met the hype.

Whether you are a data mechanic, driver or passenger, this talk will help you better understand how best to approach data integration and relation in order to produce actionable intelligence

Towards organizational guidelines for the responsible use of AI

Dr. Richard Benjamins, Data & AI Ambassador, Telefonica

  • Why do organizations need ethical principles of AI?
  • How to select your organization’s AI principles?
  • How to implement the principles in your organization as business as usual
Questions To The Panel Of Speakers
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online session three
Case study: unleashing the power of customer analytics

Peter Revill, Data Scientist,

Customer analytics is one of the principal drivers of big data analytics adoption. Yet, the sheer variety of potential opportunities and applications to deliver excellent customer experience is overwhelming.

We look at:

  • Key trends and best practices in customer analytics
  • Personalisation and customer journey analytics
  • How partnering with service providers can help you mature your customer analytics
  • Adapting tools and strategies to fit your business (e.g. supply chain and merchandising applications, chatbots, CDP)
  • Whether Customer 360 view is only a utopian panacea

Sudesh Jog, Head of Analytics, Apetito

Over the course of three years, Sudesh built the data function at Apetito from scratch.

Based in Wiltshire, Apetito provides nutritious meals for people at home or in hospitals or care homes. The business has rich customer data but was not leveraging the opportunity that this data represented.

In his presentation, Sudesh will talk about the journey of getting data to the heart of strategic decision making at Apetito and will also share his experience and insights about-

  • Developing a data-centric culture
  • Getting the buy-in for investment in data
  • Building the team
  • Evolving the technology infrastructure

Florian Dejax, Data Scientist – Assistant Vice President, Barclaycard

• Use Spark / Tensorflow to complete some stages in a ML workflow
• Integrating seamlessly Spark and TensorFlow
• Use multi GPU to train a deep learning model at scale

Questions to the Panel of Speakers
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online session four
Seminar Sessions A-C

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seminar sessions D-F

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online session six
The Future of Work in the age of AI

Dr George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson

AI is already impacting the workplace and transforming jobs.

In this presentation, George will share data and insights from working together with companies across several industries as they adopt cognitive automation systems in their processes, and explore the challenges, risks and opportunities that AI brings in the workplace; as well as how business leaders should reimagine their business organization and culture.

Responsibility and transparency in recommendation engines

Richard Bownes, Data Scientist, BBC

Recommendation engines are built into consumption platforms to improve engagement, increase profits, click through, journey length, viewing duration, etc. In order to make personal recommendations more targeted, these often require some degree of personal information.

At the BBC Datalab, as a public service entity, we have a responsibility to use this data efficiently, transparently and always legally compliantly. Further complicating our mission, we have editorial obligations and considerations in the content we surface.

  • Public service recommendations have a different set of parameters to adhere to
  • A balance between editorial standards, privacy considerations and good recommendations
  • Maintaining a level of trust and transparency while surfacing personally generated recommendations
Applied data science panel discussion

To what extent is data science a “science” to be taught vs. a craft to be practised?

Richard Bownes, Data Scientist, BBC

Rui Hua, Data Scientist, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Florian Dejax, Data Scientist – Assistant Vice President, Barclaycard

Peter Revill, Data Scientist,

Closing Address from the Conference Chair

David Terrar, Director and Deputy Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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