BDA Online

Big Data Analytics

5 November 2020

Virtual Summit



showcasing the latest Big Data Analytics insights and innovations for large enterprise organisations


“It’s been really good, we’ve had a huge number of people here, some excellent conversations and been busy all day.” IBM, Big Data Business Development Manager.

At a glance

Big data is a fundamental component of successful digital transformation in enterprises giving businesses unparalleled insights and competitive advantage. But while pioneering ventures into big data have yielded fruitful results, many professionals continue to struggle with the storage, capture, analysis and security of a voluminous and complex amount of data. This accounts for why a significant number of organisations have not yet reached a transformational level of maturity in the data and analytics domain, and why despite the majority of large enterprises wanting to be data-driven, only a small number say they’ve been

Whitehall Media’s 17th biannual Big Data Analytics conference will explore how businesses can maximise the potential and return of their data programmes. Join us to hear from leading data evangelists on topical themes, from the potential of implementing AI and Machine Learning to organisational and cultural changes needed to unlock growth and innovation. With an emphasis on real-life implementation of Big Data technologies, this practical business forum will provide a bold vision from leading innovators across the data-driven spectrum.


“Great event, great number of attendees and really high-quality people as well, we are very impressed.” LOGI ANALYTICS, Large Enterprise Sales Director.


Data Science, Engineering, Architecture

  • Big Data and Emerging
  • Technologies (IoT, AI, ML, Blockchain)
  • Solving data quality issues
  • Machine Learning
  • Business and ICT Collaboration
  • Data visualisation
  • Data compression and discovery
  • Architectural design
  • Understanding the big data ecosystem and landscape
  • Database design techniques
  • Popular frameworks, tools, and platforms, including Hadoop, Spark, etc.
  • Cloud computing benefits and challenges
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Unlocking Operational Efficiencies
  • Data Mining: Visibility into the unknown
  • Real-time data intelligence

Data Governance, Privacy, Security

  • Getting value from unstructured data
  • Mitigating ethical and privacy issues
  • Simplifying regulatory compliance
  • Data management and warehousing
  • Ensuring the quality of data
  • Data integrity and encryption
  • Governance capabilities and tools
  • Information privacy
  • Data protection (GDPR)
  • Protecting data in rest and transit
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Loss
  • Prevention
  • Collection and dissemination of data
  • Monitor and manage third party relationships
  • Security Analytics (combatting fraud, insider attacks and APTs)

Leadership, Business Strategy and Outcomes

  • Actionable business insights
  • Innovation in people and processes
  • Growing revenue streams and profit margins
  • Data-driven leadership
  • Role of the Data and Analytics
  • Officer
  • Implementing an enterprise-wide data strategy
  • Digital transformation realisation
  • Becoming a data-driven organisation
  • Extracting value from big data
  • Positively exploiting big data for monetisation
  • Recruiting, retaining, attracting data skills

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