Big Data Analytics

7 November 2019

Business Design Centre, London




Thursday 7th November, 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Leadership, Strategy and Innovation: Making big data matter

As the enormity of the challenge of getting the most out of big data grows in complexity, so too must an organisation develop a strategy which breeds a data-driven culture and provides a space for innovation in data sourcing, analysis and use.
We address:

  • Leadership strategy formulation
  • Long term business performance measurement
  • Leadership culture
  • Achieving continuous development of leadership on all levels


The essentials of business intelligence & analytics

Gaining actionable insights from your analytical tools is vital in today’s business environment in which big data plays a central role. Fuelling creativity, finding new opportunities, establishing new value propositions, creating new business models and driving operational efficiency all stems from perfecting your BI & analytics. The seminar is designed to help you mitigate risks and increase operational efficiency in all areas of your business through the adoption of an effective BI & analytics model.


Leveraging big data against cyber-security threats

At the core of big data security analytics sits the opportunity to improve detection from advanced persistent threats, predict future threats and comprehensively investigate your current threat picture by identifying changes in use patterns, executing complex analysis rapidly, and perform complex correlations across a variety of data sources across the enterprise network regardless of origin.
We address:

  • The ability to run analysis on large amounts of current and historical data
  • Collect & analyse huge amounts of security data across the whole enterprise in real time
  • Enhancement through additional context data and external threat intelligence
  • Operate in near real time and generate a small number of security alerts ranked by severity according to a risk model


Achieving velocity in data storage

Securing an extremely rapid method by which you can store data for real time analysis makes your organisation more responsive, dynamic and ultimately more successful. Investing in such technology has the potential to surpass the current capabilities offered by many cloud platforms, make better informed decisions about the most critical aspects of your business, ask more questions of your data and build upon your current capacity and capability.

  • Expand your queries from days, weeks to years
  • Query trillions of rows of data
  • Get results faster
  • Limitless scope


Taking control of your data & infrastructure to unlock value: data warehouse modelling

As you plan your digital transformation journey, it’s important to realise the value in being able to adopt a platform which allows you to deploy on-premise, hybrid or multi-cloud and detach from any one deployment model. Enterprises increasingly regard the public cloud as the first step in modernising their data warehouse environment and are beginning to explore more dynamic ML and AI solutions for their business.
We address:

  • Capitalise on large-scale data sets
  • Widen the breadth of your cloud & data centre offering
  • Expand your ML, AI & data warehousing capabilities
  • Meet your needs for scale
  • capitalise on public cloud scale and hybrid cloud flexibility for ML, data warehousing, and AI solutions


Data lake modelling for today’s enterprise

Centralising your multiple business unit data platforms on a cloud data lake provides for greater facilitation of your diverse analytical needs. Such a process allows for greater automation of real time data and makes it available across multiple heterogenous systems.

We explore:

  • reducing manual scripting
  • integrating multiple data systems
  • accelerating data ready analytical processes
  • supporting diverse business analytics related to your customers, marketing & logistics


Unified communications at scale: single cloud customer service

Given that 66% of customers switch allegiances due to poor service, it’s vital that large scale enterprises better develop the architecture and infrastructure designed to maximise efficiency and responsiveness.

We address:

  • enabling clients to jump between on premises to mobile
  • enabling your workforce in equal measure
  • device and location independence
  • integrating your core services
  • reducing complex infrastructures
  • enhancing the user experience


Combining blockchain with big data: verifying transferable data

Datablockchain is an emerging platform which stands to revolutionise the way enterprises access data by making the verification process as seamless as possible. In addition to this, Datablockchain possesses the capability to eliminate data duplication, false information and human error. Datablockchain also serves as a means by which you can enhance your security by preventing fraud and removing unnecessary intermediaries across different channels.

We address:

  • Datablockchain as a disruptive technology
  • Making big data easily accessible to enterprises
  • Traceability and transparency
  • Confidence between the data source and end user
  • Guaranteed verification
  • Easy to use interface