Big Data Analytics

7 November 2019

Business Design Centre, London




Session ONE – Data leadership, strategy and governance

  • Best practices and tools for Machine Learning, exploiting emerging tools and technologies like AI and understanding how they are influencing data science
  • Using data to drive innovation, implementing an enterprise-wide data strategy, cultural transformation to become data-centric
  • Data engineering and architecture
  • Gaining real-time actionable insights from your data
  • Managing data science teams, breaking down silos
  • Ethics, security, privacy considerations
  • Data design, interactivity, visualisation
  • Turning data into new visibility and business intelligence
The Conference Chair's Opening Remarks
Opening Keynote: Data Scientists' Retention: A Lesson from Playing Video Games

Dr Serge Plata, Principal Data Scientist, VF Corporation

According to several polls, Data Scientists’ median tenure is about 2.4 years, and according to multiple sources, around 20% of Data Scientists changed jobs in 2018. This information represents an overarching issue as we continuously have to hire specialised talent and deal with issues like interviewing (a long and convoluted process in itself), training, handovers, and much more.

Data Scientists are a particular group, which also need a unique management strategy. In many cases, retention is a problem as Data Scientist face “unexpected” issues and situations that prompt them to leave before the average of 2.4 years. This talk will explain – based on video games – how Serge kept people motivated with him and even follow him from other jobs when he needed them.

When Big Data Means Big Risk: How to Protect Sensitive Data in Big Data Analytics

Anna Russell, SVP Sales Enterprise Security EMEA, comforte AG

The insights gained from Big Data Analytics can be incredibly valuable. However, every new data stream constitutes a new potential attack vector, which makes classic perimeter defences obsolete and can leave your organisation vulnerable.

In the past, data security executives and data scientists had to compromise between being able to use the data freely and properly securing it from potential threats.

Is there a way to secure your data and analyse it too?

Learn more about data-centric security, and why there’s no need for compromise.

Big Data Strategic Decisions: Moving from Analysis to Action

Dr Katherine James, Head of Data Science, Royal Mail Group

To ensure that meaningful action is achieved as ever-greater volumes of data are processed, enterprises should establish cross-functional programmes under which they can prioritise business process optimisation.

We address the critical pillars required to achieve optimisation in data & analytics leveraging.

  • Select process partners
  • Establish process methodologies
  • Implement process platforms
  • Leverage process accelerators
  • Deploy process applications
Virtualised Access to All Your Data Assets

Dario Maddaluno MBA, Senior Solutions Architect, EMEA, Neebo

Organisations are capturing more data than ever before and asking new sophisticated business questions to increase business agility and market competitiveness. In this new environment, analysts are challenged to navigate an increasingly complex data landscape. They are tasked with finding data that will answer their questions quickly and delivering those answers faster—with greater detail and more accuracy.

Discover how you can gain virtualised access to all of these assets, regardless of where it resides, whether it is on-premise, in the cloud, in SaaS applications, or with external service providers. Learn how to enable analysts to find it quickly and start analysing it right away without the need for IT to continuously fine-tune the operations. By virtualising access to the data, the data remains in its location and protected – eliminating security risks and the need to create resource-intensive data movement processes.

A journey from Excel-based working to a data science environment in a Multi-Billion £ antiquated environment

Dan Kilsby, Director of Data, Saint-Gobain

Over the last five years, our organisation has moved from a complete manual excel-based organisation on a journey through basic BI to land on successful projects in a data science team.

Kilsby will share some of his thoughts and issues with leading the change in a large company and present some of his accomplishments and failures in an attempt to help others succeed.

ELDT – Disrupting the Traditional Data Warehouse Approach

Mark Bendall, Technical Architect, Enstar Group

When it comes to Data Warehouse Automation; Enstar Group shows there is another way, and one that’s not restricted to the insurance industry. Using a modern architecture and data platform powered by Cloudera, Attunity, Trifacta and Arcadia Data, Enstarr will discuss how they have implemented a secure, flexible, cost effective and agile solution to deliver early business benefits with reduced IT intervention.

Questions To The Panel Of Speakers
Morning Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area
Case Study – Pulse Real: Time Analytics, and What We’ve Learnt

Justyna Owczarek, Head of Data -Delivery, The Telegraph

Pulse has introduced an important change in how we see and engage with data at The Telegraph. It has changed the way we collect new information about our products; it enables us to collect data every second and leverage its potential to hone our strategy relentlessly. We explore:

  • What is Pulse?
  • Why Pulse matters? Outlining metrics that matter the most, ensuring a targeted approach to data analytics and transforming the workforce’s data perception as an integral, end-to-end capability
  •  What have we learnt? Sharing lessons in communication, product team creation, and agile thinking
Charting a Course to Cloud Analytics Success: What Cricket, Luxury Fashion and Mining Have in Common

Lynda Partner, VP Marketing and Analytics, Pythian Services

Organizations have long talked about putting data workloads in the cloud for better flexibility, on-demand scalability, and to enable innovative new use cases. But what does it take to turn that talk into action and to get real value from running your analytics in the cloud?

In this session, Lynda Partner uncovers how three companies did just that. Each of them at various stages of the cloud data maturity continuum – one focused on getting better insights, another on embedding machine learning and artificial intelligence into daily operations, and a third looking to create entirely new business opportunities using data. This presentation uses real-world examples to illustrate that, while the driving forces that are moving analytics to the cloud are incredibly varied, there are commonalities, proven methodologies and best practices that lead to successful business outcomes with data.

Questions to the Panel of Speakers and Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms
Seminar Sessions

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Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Session TWO – Architecture, innovative technology and techniques

  • Securing your big data environment
  • Machine learning production and deployment
  • Digital ecosystem and driving digital transformation
  • IoT & big data
  • Making sense of data lakes
  • Big data within the context of security
  • Emerging models of data lakes
  • Big data workload management
The Conference Chair Opens the Afternoon Session
Big Data Strategic Decisions: Moving from Analysis to Action

Natasha Richards, Data Insight & Analysis Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support

Data is ever-present, and the implications are endless. It can inform a variety of decisions, by helping you determine whom to hire, what prices to set, who are your priority audiences and how should you speak with them.

We have seen, all too often, a piece of smart, thought-leading analysis being left on the shelf ready to expire, when it was not turned into action.

In this presentation, we explore:

  • How to engage your stakeholders and understand their business problem
  • Remember your role and skills; what you may need to collaborate with others for
  • To summarise: how to turn your analysis into action
Unlocking the Insights Hidden in Massive Data Stores

David Leichner, CMO, SQream

Organisations are not able to comprehensively analyse their exponentially growing data stores. For the most part, their data management technology is still based on legacy or antiquated systems developed and implemented in the 90s. They are, on average able to analyse ten per cent of their data. Critical insights that could be propelling their company forward are being lost. This session will discuss how data professionals can unlock the insights hidden in their massive data stores:

  • Analyse significantly more data, faster.
  • Explore your raw data without lengthy preparation
  • Discover valuable new business insights
Road to Responsible AI – Lessons learned delivering Machine Learning at Scale

Tom Cronin, Head of Data Science & Data Engineering, Lloyds Banking Group

As AI and Machine Learning continue to be touted as silver bullets for all business problems, it’s crucial to be able to cut through the hype and stay focused on delivering production-grade products and services for your customers.

In this talk, Cronin will share the three biggest lessons learned and discuss how you can avoid the most common pitfalls, whether you’re a practising Data Scientist, the leader of an analytics practice, or someone looking to start a new career in Data Science.

Finally, we’ll reflect on the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI / ML products and how we must all remain accountable for what we build.

Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area
Data Science & Analytics – From Theory to Practice

Dr Mohammad Mesgarpour, Head of Data Science and Research, Microlise

  • Discover how Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the telematics industry
  • Learn how to unlock powerful telematics data analytics and insight to improve fleet outcomes
  • Hear how leading fleet operators are leveraging intelligence from existing telematics data
  • Several case studies will highlight how data science methods are being used to strengthen transport and fleet management
How Société Générale Delivers Instant Insight from Data Across the Organisation with Cognitive Search?

Gilles Bexon, IT Manager Cognitive Search and Secure Data, Société Générale
Laure Seux, Project Manager SI, Société Générale

Through contextualized research tools, Société Générale sought to provide employees with the capabilities to find the information they needed in a few clicks, thus making the company faster and more efficient overall. As part of this digital transformation initiative, Société Générale selected Sinequa’s AI Powered Search & Analytics platform to provide employees with a more efficient and simplified access to all the company’s relevant information, starting with technical, reference, regulatory and legislative compliance documents.

Closing Keynote: Using Big Data, Analytics and Metrics to Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance

Steven Rushworth, Head of Aviation Analytics, TUI

While the value of big data is evident, the most effective way to capture it is not. We explore:

  • Choosing the right solutions and tools to access your data
  • Discovering hidden connections in your data
  • Giving everyone access to Big Data – democratising data ownership
  • Turning your data into a story
  • Monetising your data in an ethical way
Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair
Conference Closes, Delegates Depart

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