Tuesday 27th November, 2018

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.


Victoria (Main Conference Room)
Know the Problem You Want to Solve

Guy Warren, Chief Executive Officer, ITRS Group – on behalf of MapR

ITRS are a well-established monitoring software company with a large financial services client base. Our main tool, Geneos, collected data from application servers and applied our rules engine to the data in real-time. Unless a rule ‘fired’ and an alert was created, the data was lost.
We wanted to capture and store all this data, regardless of whether it ‘fired’ a rule or not, and analyse it. The difficulty in selecting the right technology to do this was knowing what analysis we wanted to do. So in the summer of 2017, we spent many weeks documenting requirements, and then selected the technologies which best supported this. Our decision was to use MapR.

Edward 1
Fighting Data Chaos: Connecting Users to Data at Scale

Jon Walls, Data Analyst, Looker

Companies that use data well are more efficient, effective, and profitable. Unfortunately, most organisations struggle to keep up with the changing supply of data — and the growing business demands for that data. The key is to connect data supply to data users in a way that scales, supports existing workflows, and serves as a foundation for the future.

This session will explore how to bring data to users where and when they need it without sacrificing data governance or unified metrics. This session will also present proven ways to build a data foundation for your organisation that can support future changes in both data supply and data demand.

Specifically, attendees will discover:
• The key considerations to driving the most value from data, including: self-service, governance, custom interfaces, modeling, and connections to existing business systems.
• How to provide users access to data in a way that naturally fits in their existing workflows and allows users to take immediate action.
• How companies like Deliveroo and King extract critical business insights from growing data and deliver those insights to their business users.

Edward 3
Data Science: Past, Present & Future

Richard Tomlinson, Head of Data Science, CACI

Data science is gaining rapid traction in marketing, but what does the future actually hold? Richard highlights the innovative ways that AI is being used, he dispels 5 common data science myths and explains the data science techniques he’s using for marketing.

CACI do amazing things with data. Our heritage is based on using our market leading data sets and analysis skills to create unrivalled insight into consumers and how they interact with brands, products and services. We use this knowledge and insight to help the leading brands we work with to create connected customer experiences that deliver net commercial growth. From leading  business change and digital transformation through to managing effective customer acquisition and engagement, everything we do starts with data and ends with action to improve marketing performance.

Edward 5
Apache Metron in the Real World

Chris Redpath, Manager, Regional Delivery, Hortonworks

In this session we’ll be looking at a number of different organisations who are on their big data cybersecurity journey with Apache Metron, we will take a look at the different usecases they are investigating, the data sources they used, the analytics they performed and in some cases the results they were able to find.
We’ll also spend some time talking about the common themes in these projects, there are some common approaches to using Apache Metron as a phased project in a project, we’ll review some of the common pitfalls and give some concrete suggestions about the things you should (and shouldn’t) do when you’re getting started.
Finally, we’ll try and tackle some of the key FAQ’s that come up when people are first investigating the potential usage of Apache Metron in the real world based on over a year of interacting with customers and prospects as they look deeper into Apache Metron to see how it fits in to their cybersecurity portfolio.

Edward 7
How to Orchestrate, Integrate and Automate – and still be Agile

Neil Cullum, Senior Solution Engineer, BMC

Everybody wants to be Agile without the risk of being Fragile. Let event driven orchestration provide a steady pulse to your production while you focus on new streams.
Automating your workflows and integrating your processes are just as important as your use cases. Purify your data at the same time and your world will be complete.

Albert 1

The Creators of Doom and Quake Have Evolved; Zenimax is Using Intelligent Data Engineering and Machine Learning to Create Better Gaming Experiences

Kim Næss, Lead Data Analyst Nordics, Hitachi Vantara
Anya Rumyantseva, Data Scientist EMEA, Hitachi Vantara

We had a data warehouse and a data lake that were very disparate. How do we take that noise and transform it into something useful? Pentaho was the glue that made our data scientists more efficient.

Session key takeaways:
ZeniMax chose solutions from Amazon Redshift, Cloudera and Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho software to gather data from mysql, postgrs, json, xml and more to create a better gaming experience for its gamers and increase revenues for the company. They do this by reducing the time data scientists spend manually creating scripts to acquire data, and have gained a better understanding of consumer behavior across multiple games.