Programme @

Enterprise AI & Big Data

AI & Big Data

19 June 2024

Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London

Programme @ Enterprise AI & Big Data

Morning Session

Data as the centrepiece of your digital enterprise

  • Government Keynote Address – How the UK is taking the lead in the AI and Big Data global arms race
  • Unleashing the potential of Generative AI : Empowering Enterprise Excellence with Generative AI Applications
  • AI and Machine Learning – Laying the foundations of your data strategy to maximise the power of AI/ML
  • Optimise with Big Data, revolutionise with AI – The Big Data and AI convergence – how Generative AI is changing the world of Big Data Analytics
  • How to establish a data, analytics and AI infrastructure that is efficient, scalable, well-governed and future-proof
  • How to build a winning AI strategy: Digital Transformation – Moving from Business Intelligence to an Intelligent Business
  • Beyond the use cases: building AI strategy and business value… the beginning of the journey

09:15 (BST)

Conference Chair's Opening Address

Shubhangi Goyal
Chapter Lead, Women in Data
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Shubhangi Goyal, Chapter Lead, Women in Data

09:30 (BST)

Empowering Teams to Achieve Success through Actionable Insights from Data

Rosanne Werner
Digital and Data Strategy and Transformation Lead, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners
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Rosanne Werner, Digital and Data Strategy Transformation Lead, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

In today’s data-driven world, organisations invest significant resources in data, technology, and processes. However, the true value of data can only be fully realised when these tools and technologies are effectively adopted and utilised by their teams.  This session will explore the key component of this data-driven transformation: People.   It is crucial for organisations to invest in building data skills, capabilities, and mindset. By doing so, they can unlock valuable insights from data and empower their teams to make informed, data-driven decisions.  Join us as we explore the multi-touch approach to cultivating a data mindset and ways to sustain it over time, ensuring that data-driven practices become ingrained in the organisational DNA and drive ongoing success.


09:50 (BST)

AI pressures on the sustainability of data practices

Simone Steel
Fellow, British Computer Society, The Chartered Institute for IT
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Simone Steel, Fellow, British Computer Society, The Chartered Institute for IT

This keynote will cover data growth challenges and explore how leadership in information management can improve business success and sustainability. It will include

  • Recognising accelerated growth of volume, variety, and velocity of data;
  • Exploring decision-making techniques in the face of complexity; and
  • Leading with utility and sustainability in mind.

10:10 (BST)

AI You Can Trust: Embracing Data Integrity Throughout the Development Lifecycle

Sadat Ahmed
Senior Sales Engineer, Precisely
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Sadat Ahmed, Senior Sales Engineer, Precisely 

With AI, it’s not just garbage in, garbage out. It’s garbage in, garbage everywhere. AI-based decision-making can have profound business impacts and, unfortunately, trigger harmful consequences. A leading cause of AI issues is the failure to use high-integrity data throughout the development lifecycle. It’s true! Ensuring that you use trustworthy data every step of the way leads to the success of any AI initiative.

Our session highlights how to achieve data integrity for AI. We share a cautionary tale about the repercussions of neglecting data integrity in enterprise AI development and show you how to avoid these pitfalls.

We explore cloud-native solutions that deliver data integrity, ensuring AI systems make precise predictions, automate processes effectively, and avoid costly mistakes by:
• Minimising bias, improving accuracy and reliability, and enhancing understanding of the problem using all of the available, relevant, and critical datasets
• Training models with data that meets rigorous quality metrics—meaning it must be accurate, complete, validly structured, standardized, and free of duplicates
• Enriching AI training data with trusted third-party data and spatial insights to enhance output accuracy and contextual relevance If you want to trust your AI, you must first trust your data.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about data integrity for AI, and let’s ensure your initiatives succeed!

10:25 (BST)

Unleashing the potential of Generative AI : Accelerating Drug Development with Generative AI Applications

Nikolay Burlutskiy
Director, AI, AstraZeneca
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Nikolay Burlutskiy, Director – Artificial Intelligence, Imaging & Data Analytics, AstraZeneca

• How to enable Gen AI to accelerate drug discovery and development
• Harnessing the power of Gen AI and make it part of the organisation
• Building trustworthy AI to maximise utilisation
• Use case 1: Gen AI for synthetic data generation
• Use case 2: Gen AI for multi-modal data integration

10:45 (BST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

11:00 (BST)

Refreshment Break Served in the Exhibition Area

11:30 (BST)

Welcome to Session Two

Shubhangi Goyal
Chapter Lead, Women in Data
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Shubhangi Goyal, Chapter Lead, Women in Data

11:35 (BST)

Synthetic data generation using Gen AI

Radhika Bandarupalli
Principal Engineer - Data & Analytics, bp
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Radhika Bandarupalli, Principal Engineer – Data & Analyticsbp

  • Increasing need for Synthetic data
  • Data Foundations – Significance of data quality
  • Accelerated product testing using Synthesis of Structured data

11:55 (BST)

Bringing the Power of Your Data to AI

Ted Orme
Field CTO for Data Integration, Qlik
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Ted Orme, Field CTO for Data Integration, Qlik

Everything has changed in the last year with Generative AI entering onto the scene. This means a re-shuffling of priorities and budgets, putting AI-enabled Data & Analytics right back at the top of the agenda. In this session we will discuss: • That there is no Generative AI without data – but it has to be the right data • The importance of being able to bring together organised and trusted data • Why your data integration strategy is the foundation to successfully using AI

12:10 (BST)

Beyond the use cases: building AI strategy and business value… the beginning of the journey

Martin Stockdale
Partner and Global AI Lead, Kennedys
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Martin Stockdale, Partner and Global AI Lead, Kennedys

2023 was the year of the use case, but how do you move AI from a conversation about the technology and potential to one about genuine and sustainable business value? This session will explore:

  • Making AI make sense to your organisation 
  • The importance of taking an honest look in the mirror 
  • Getting past AI for the sake of AI 
  • The importance of strong foundations 
  • Taking the long-term view and looking for sustainable value 

12:30 (BST)

How to Leverage Modern Real-Time Analytics with Legacy Applications

Because of the cost-saving benefits, competitive advantages, and new market opportunities, many data leaders feel the pressure to accelerate cloud adoption.

However, implementing hybrid and multi-cloud strategies is daunting—incompatibility between diverse systems introduces too much complexity, and traditional ETL tools are slow and resource-intensive.

While you gradually adopt the cloud, you can still deliver immense business value and actionable insights without impacting existing on-premises SAP ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM, and other enterprise applications.

By building real-time data pipelines, you can meet current demands while setting the foundation for the future.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to implement a continuous data streaming method that securely and efficiently leverages data residing in SAP and other on-premises enterprise applications without impacting them
  • How advanced log-based CDC technology securely accelerates high-volume data delivery in complex environments so it’s available in real-time for immediate decision making, advanced analytics, and ML/AI
  • Real-world examples of how hundreds of organizations leverage analytics to extract value from legacy systems to achieve a more dynamic and agile business

12:45 (BST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

13:00 (BST)

Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Afternoon Session

Transformation through the synthesisation of your team, tools and technology

  • AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity — How They Will Shape the Future in Managing threat, Risk and Privacy
  • Leveraging Generative AI and Big Data In Multiple Ways To Create Agile Customer Experience
  • Understanding the story you wish to tell
  • The Cybersecurity Challenges and opportunities of digital twins
  • Championing Customer Service Assurance with AI
  • How to Leverage Modern Real-Time Analytics with Legacy Applications
  • Making models work with small data and human judgement

14:00 (BST)

Conference Chair’s Afternoon Address

Shubhangi Goyal
Chapter Lead, Women in Data
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Shubhangi Goyal, Chapter Lead, Women in Data

14:05 (BST)

The AI Governance Challenge

Patty O’Callaghan
Technical Lead, Charles River Laboratories
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Patty O’Callaghan, Technical Lead, Charles River Laboratories

In this session, we will explore the fundamental principles and practices necessary for effective governance of Artificial Intelligence. We will discuss best practices in developing robust governance frameworks that can adapt to the dynamic nature of AI technologies and their diverse applications across various sectors.


14:20 (BST)

Unlocking the Value of Data Collaboratively  Using a Distributed Data Mesh

Jon Burt
Head of Enterprise Architecture, Manchester City Council
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Jon Burt, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Manchester City Council

Description: The pandemic further increased an already growing awareness of the opportunities that data and analytics can bring to Greater Manchester’s (GM) public bodies and the greater Manchester region is looking to help the realise these benefits by creating a data mesh concept. The addition of the data mesh will satisfy a long-standing ambition to better use the rich data created by the combined GM organisations to improve outcomes for individuals and families within the region.

14:35 (BST)

When NOT to invest in AI?

Karan Shah
Director of Data Science, Meta Inc
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Karan Shah, Director of Data Science, Meta Inc

Breaking myths and what you must do first before you go forth on your AI journey.

In this presentation, Karan will go over the common myths associated with AI and break down key steps you must take before AI can work for your business.

  • Why AI is both hype and reality
  • How organisations make decisions?
  • Developing Skills: It may be far easier than you imagine
  • Getting Data Right: Garbage in / Garbage out
  • Embrace micro-AI investments
  • Learn and Iterate


14:50 (BST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

15:10 (BST)

Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area

15:35 (BST)

Welcome to Session Five

Shubhangi Goyal
Chapter Lead, Women in Data
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Shubhangi Goyal, Chapter Lead, Women in Data

15:40 (BST)

Navigating Digital Compliance 

Tom John Fischer Jensen
Head of Privacy & Security, CPO, Semler Gruppen 
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Tom John Fischer Jensen,  Head of Privacy & Security, CPO, Semler Gruppen

  • Exploring digital legislative requirements to come and how best to prepare from a governance & technical point of view.
  • Discussing challenges and opportunities with the use of technology such as AI, to optimize resources and compliance maturity.

15:55 (BST)

Case Study

16:10 (BST)

Understanding the story you wish to tell

Henry Pearce
Data Director, TotallyMoney
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Henry Pearce, Data Director, TotallyMoney

Data storytelling, as an approach, is becoming more attractive as a way to make entire organisations data-driven.

Turning data into information and providing insights to everyone underpins analytic strategies everywhere.  Often the reality is falling some way short of aspirations.

How do we transform data into stories that everyone understands and has confidence in? At the same time, how can we use technology to support the cultural shift where data-driven decisions are part of everyone’s day-to-day roles?

In this session, we’ll look at what data functions you should look for to create information and trust.

How do we lower the barriers between data and information consumers? And ultimately how do we build confidence with everybody in our organisation which will help them to see the value in basing their actions on data-driven insights?

16:25 (BST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

16:40 (BST)

Conference Chair’s Closing Remarks

Shubhangi Goyal
Chapter Lead, Women in Data
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Shubhangi Goyal, Chapter Lead, Women in Data

16:45 (BST)

Conference Closes

Delegates Depart

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