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19 June 2024

Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London

Enterprise AI & Big Data June 2024








Key Experts



The quality has been very high as we’d hoped, we’ve had a lot of people interested in how to advance big data projects.

DELL, Marketing in UK/EMEA.

A very good conference – well done to all involved.

SHOPDIRECT, Lead Data Scientist.

Great event, business focussed, informative with a wide range of speakers that gave a lot of different views and options for me to take away. Thank you and well done.

BT, Chief Architect – DSS Big Data.

I think this is a good way to network with people to hear about what other people are doing and really to get in to the community to see what’s going on outside of your immediate atmosphere.


It’s been fantastic, we’ve met a great number of people, they are really good quality, these are people who know about big data.

TALEND, UK Marketing.

It’s been really good, we’ve had a huge number of people here, some excellent conversations and been busy all day.

IBM, Big Data Business Development Manager.

It’s been fantabulous. We had a lot of people coming and talking to us, they are in need of big data for their business and hopefully we can give them a lot of solutions

HEXAWARE, Practice Head Business Intelligence.

It’s been very good working with Whitehall Media, they’re very professional, always available to help us out with any issues we might have.

SAP, Director of Consumer Industries


AI and Big Data 2024 Conference and Expo – Leveraging Enterprise Software to harness Advanced Generative Artificial Intelligence with Big Data/ML Convergence techniques to drive Digital Transformation.

Welcome to the Annual Enterprise AI and Big Data 2024 Summit –The UK’s premier conference for AI and Big Data decision-makers and Business Leaders looking to adopt Generative AI and Big Data/Machine Learning capabilities within the Large Enterprise Sector.

Organizations that deploy enterprise AI applications can achieve increased business resilience, greater efficiency, improved profitability, and reduced environmental impact.

Recent breakthrough innovations in AI and machine learning – along with capabilities provided by elastic Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things – enable the development of this new class of enterprise AI applications.

Enterprise AI and Big Data 2024 will not only address these innovations but will also showcase the next-generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Whitehall Media would like to invite you to be part of this remarkable convergence of Big Data and AI in the UK.

At this event we will unite pioneering Big Data and AI business leaders that are powering the latest tech revolution with generative systems – and as a delegate you will leave capable of doing the same.

Reasons to attend


Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI – Learn how to harness the growing power of AI effectively and responsibly for decision augmentation, process optimization and even autonomous operations.

Discover how innovators are successfully deploying AI and intelligent automation to accelerate innovation efforts, build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities, and reduce costs.

Access new and advanced technology while staying current on the latest in AI.

Uncover diverse examples among multiple sectors where the integration of AI led to success through real-life cases and carefully studied narratives.

Discover all you need to know about the latest cutting-edge AI technology tools industries deploy today.

Connect with individuals interested in AI to explore potential partnerships and investment opportunities.

Become fluent in all aspects of AI, gaining recognition as an influential mentor by outstanding individuals in the industry.

Understand how AI and Big Data work together – Look at how AI can assist users in all phases of the big data cycle, or the processes involved in the aggregation, storage, and retrieval of diverse types of data from various sources

Explore how Big Data Analytics leverages AI for better data analysis

Machine Learning Vs AI – explore how these two innovative concepts are related and what makes them different from each other.

Realise the benefits of using AI and ML together from faster decision-making,  wider data ranges and analytic integration

Key topics


  • Demystifying AI
  • Creating an AI powered organisation
  • Mavchine Learning
  • AI Platforms, Infrastructure and Ethics
  • Data Strategy & Decision Intelligence
  • AI and Cybersecurity
  • Unlocking the Power of AI, Analytics and Robotics
  • Upholding Privacy, Security & Governance
  • Data Engineering and Architecture Innovations
  • Empowering People in the AI Era
  • Machine Learning vs AI
  • Applications of AI and ML

Featured Speakers

Be inspired by our speakers made up of key industry figures and thought leaders.

Patty O’Callaghan

Technical Lead, Charles River Laboratories

Jon Burt

Head of Enterprise Architecture, Manchester City Council

Rosanne Werner

Founder and CEO, XcelerateIQ Limited

Tom John Fischer Jensen

Head of Privacy & Security, CPO, Semler Gruppen 

Henry Pearce

Data Director, TotallyMoney

Simone Steel

Fellow, British Computer Society, The Chartered Institute for IT

Radhika Bandarupalli

Principal Engineer - Data & Analytics, bp

Martin Stockdale

Partner and Global AI Lead, Kennedys

Shubhangi Goyal

Chapter Lead, Women in Data

Karan Shah

Director of Data Science, Meta Inc

Programme & featured topics

Check out the conference topics and review the content which is most important to you. From keynote presentations, seminar sessions, and product demonstrations, we have you covered.

Our highly considered and well-researched topic relevant agenda is packed with the latest research into data and analytics and provides a path towards solving your big data challenges.

Solution Provider Seminars

Do not miss one of the key elements of the day, our series of industry-leading seminars delivered by the most senior authorities within big data & analytics.

You will have the opportunity to attend a seminar session which has been specifically designed with you in mind. You will also have your questions answered in a personalised setting separate from the plenary by an industry expert as well as the opportunity to connect with your peers as you bear witness to the latest product launches.

Previous events

One of the key moments of BDA 2023 was when Elvys Nunes, Global Head of Category Insights and Analytics, Reckitt, took to the stage and highlighted how to create a real competitive advantage with technology.

In his talk, Elvys addressed how insights, intelligence, and analytics teams face more challenges than ever before. from tight budgets, more demand and lack of resources.

As evidenced by Elvys, you need to find the right tech partner to solve a business need or bring a competitive advantage to your business.

At a Glance

Enterprise AI and Big Data 2024 Summit will bring together these enterprise-level industry leaders with AI/ML practitioners in a unique and meaningful forum of ideas with multi-industry experience. As such C-Level Data and AI Engineers will be able to develop more robust models, uncover affordable infrastructure solutions, and leave with the support network you need to accelerate your systems to the production line.

The conference is uniquely positioned to inform on real live case studies, curate ideas for Generative AI techniques and plan for the infrastructural demands of these advanced systems while optimizing business value and outcomes by making the best connected decisions.

Attend this event and connect with Gen AI and Big Data leaders and decision-makers while engaging with like-minded C-Level decision-makers across every sector of the Enterprise-Level business spectrum.

We look forward to seeing you at the latest frontier of the Big Data/AI revolution!

At this year’s Enterprise AI & BD 2024 you will

  • Immerse yourself within a tailored conference space
  • Have the opportunity for 1-1 discussions with industry-leading experts
  • Hear from the leading solution providers within big data, analytics, AI and ML in our plenary and seminar sessions
  • Discover content-rich case studies in the plenary
  • Connect with hundreds of like-minded individuals from a range of industry sectors in the networking space
  • Share your problems and successes in a non-competitive environment which brings together delegates, speakers, and sponsors



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