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Big Data Analytics

16 June 2022

Millennium Gloucester Conference Centre, London

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What are the top 10 trends for data and analytics for 2022 and beyond?


Gordon Weston, VP, Head of Engineering Delivery, Merkle

At Merkle, we believe that customer experience is the future of business. Data, technology, and creativity hold the power to create more meaningful experiences. Understanding and making the most out of data and analytics is fundamental to the acquisition and retention of customers, and to creating impactful experiences in an increasingly competitive landscape. With the above in mind, we explore the top 10 trends in analytics and data, demystifying buzzwords, and setting you up with actionable advice so that you can get the edge over your competitors.

Gordon Weston
VP, head of engineering delivery, Merkle
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Room / Location:
Main Conference Room

Decision Intelligence’s Not-So-Secret Ingredient: Augmented Analytics


Jeffrey Pascoe, Senior Solutions Engineer, Pyramid Analytics 

Decision intelligence is what’s next in analytics. Why? In part, it’s because it solves many of the common pitfalls of business intelligence. Specifically, it can deliver direct access to any data, deploy experiences for any person, and easily meet any analytics need. But how have recent innovations in technology made these formerly sounds-nice-but-it’s-just-not-that-easy challenges a reality? It comes down to a category of platform capabilities called augmented analytics.

Augmented analytics is a term that describes the more emerging side of data management and analytics technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). When applied to the right use cases and user groups, these technologies not only increase efficiency and accuracy–they can also bring data-driven insights to groups without more technical expertise. We believe augmented analytics is the key to achieving much of the value that decision intelligence promises. In fact, the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform was recently ranked #1 for augmented analytics in the Gartner Critical Capabilities report.

Join this session to learn more about augmented analytics, decision intelligence, and how the future of analytics is shaping up.

Jeffrey Pascoe
Senior Solutions Engineer, Pyramid Analytics 
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Room / Location:
Kensington 1 Room

All your data, analytics and AI on the one platform


Our universal, unified and seamlessly integrated platform combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses — delivering data management and performance typically found in data warehouses with the low-cost, flexible object stores offered by data lakes.

This unified platform simplifies your data architecture by eliminating the data silos that traditionally separate analytics, data science and machine learning. It’s built on open source and open standards to maximize flexibility. And its native collaborative capabilities accelerate your ability to work across teams and innovate faster.

Join us to discover how you can take advantage of the next generation in enterprise data and workload management.

Use No-Code Knowledge Graphs to Build an Enterprise Data Mesh


Learn to build the ultimate enterprise knowledge system: a federated mesh of independently maintained no-code knowledge graphs.

Connect your datasets to reveal unprecedented insights and answer previously impossible questions at scale.

Join us as we map out how to scale beyond traditional knowledge graph limitations, avoid the costs associated with maintaining a large number of ingestion points, and transition to a distributed construction and maintenance of knowledge graphs around domains.

Active Intelligence: Seize Every Business Moment


Data has a pulse; are you tapping into it?

For too long we’ve had to base key business decisions on out-of-date practices.

We’ve accepted systems designed to merely inform us rather than also compel us to act.

We’ve missed opportunities, missed crucial business moments as they’ve passed us by unnoticed, leaving revenue out in the cold and uncollected.

It’s time for a new era.

Join us as we take you on a journey into the new era of business intelligence in which data lives, breathes and grows in a state of constant evolution within our first-grade intelligent data pipeline.

Accelerating Data-Driven Outcomes with DataOps and Cloud


Tijs Monté, Manager Solution Engineering, BMC Software 

• Many data-driven applications and projects fail to deliver on business expectations in production environments
• DataOps is emerging as a way to address these challenges and orchestration is a key component
• Learn how data professionals, ops engineers and business personas can work together to productise data pipelines across both modern data platforms as legacy systems.

Tijs Monté
Manager Solution Engineering, BMC Software
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Room / Location:
Cromwell Room 3

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