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16 June 2021

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Programme @ BDA

Session One

realising your ambitions with the right strategy and governance

  • Digital transformation in practice: from moment to action
  • Self-service analytics: achieving freedom with order
  • AutoML for all: a holistic approach to ML production
  • Data-driven good governance: deriving maximum value
  • AutoML for all: a holistic approach to ML production
  • Protecting digital assets: insider versus outsider threats
  • NLP as a part of your AI arsenal: adding visibility and reducing complexity


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Conference Chair's Opening Address

David Terrar
Director & Chair, Cloud Industry Forum
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David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum


What are the right tools and systems to support rapid innovation in a Data Science team?

Dr David Hoyle
Research Data Scientist Specialist, Dunnhumby
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Dr David Hoyle, Research Data Scientist Specialist, dunnhumby

A healthy pipeline of new products is vital to many companies and so the product innovation and research process needs to be efficient as possible.

Contributing to the innovation pipeline is a key task for many Data Science teams, but often they are held back by the constraints of having to build upon legacy products and use inappropriate systems.

In this talk, I’ll highlight the technical barriers to innovation faced by Data Scientists, and also some of the tools, such as probabilistic programming languages, that we have used at dunnhumby to support rapid experimentation with Data Science models.

• Effective innovation requires the right systems and tools to support rapid research and experimentation
• The right tools for rapid experimentation directly reflect how a Data Scientist thinks about a problem
• Probabilistic Programming Languages (PPLs) are one such tool.
• At dunnhumby we used PPLs to create a modelling experimentation platform


Event Streaming and the Rise of Apache Kafka

Tim Vincent
Solutions Engineering Manager, Confluent
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Tim Vincent, Solutions Engineering Manager, Confluent

Why Kafka? Why Event Streaming? And who’s Confluent anyway? Are you asking these questions? Join us for this 15-minute talk in which you will learn more about event streaming’s role as the digital equivalent of the human body’s central nervous system, and Apache Kafka® is the technology that powers this nervous system. It is the foundation for the ‘always-on’ world, where businesses are increasingly software-defined and automated, and where the user of software is more software. 


Understanding the importance of data in a creative field

Christine Osazuwa
Global Marketing Director of Data & Insights, Warner Music Group
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Christine Osazuwa, Global Marketing Director of Data & Insights, Warner Music Group

Discussion of working in data in a creative industry (music) & the successes and pitfalls that come with creating/forging your own path within an industry that is used to using its “gut” to make decisions.

  • Opening yourself to the possibility of tech roles outside of tech companies
  • Understanding the unique challenges of working in a creative industry
  • Skills you need in these roles (tech & non-tech)


Questions to the Panel of Speakers


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Introduction to Session Two

David Terrar
Director & Chair, Cloud Industry Forum
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David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum


Training AI to Think Like a Security Analyst

Max Heinemeyer
Director of Threat Hunting, Darktrace
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Max Heinemeyer, Director of Threat Hunting, Darktrace

This session will cover:

– Evolving security challenges
– How machine learning can augment human security teams
– How an APT using a zero-day was caught weeks before public attribution using cyber AI analyst technology


Big Tech and the Law

Frank Walter
Business Director, Zenith Media
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Frank Walter, Business Director, Zenith

Big tech is now deeply intertwined with our economy, our lives, and our democracy.

As the tech industry has grown in importance, the problems associated with it have grown. All around the world, academics, politicians, and regulators are dreaming up ways to reduce the power of big tech, protect citizens and boost competition.

Today’s presentation is a look at what those rules and regulations might look like in the UK.

In this session, we will cover:

  • The challenges posed by big tech to privacy, content moderation and competition
  • Who is going to implement the regulation?
  • A deep dive on expected new UK antitrust (pro-competition) reforms for social, search and display


How Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) leveraged data virtualization to create a single source of truth

Chester Enslin
Head of IT Enterprise Integration and Software Quality Assurance, JSE
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Kevin McKerr
Sales Leader, BITanium Consulting
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Chester Enslin, Head of IT Enterprise Integration and Software Quality Assurance, JSE

Kevin McKerr, Sales Leader, BITanium Consulting

  • The data challenges at JSE: siloed business functions to disparate data sources
  • How JSE’s multiple trading platforms hindered holistic trading views and risk management, and contributed to the rising analytics costs
  • How Denodo’s virtualization platform enabled consolidated views of internal and external trading systems, allowing [CE] the JSE to monitor brokers/traders for market exposure, net settlement, etc; at a fraction of the cost
  • The future roadmap of JSE to further strengthen its data and analytics capabilities


Questions to the Panel of Speakers


Networking Break


Introduction to Session Three

David Terrar
Director & Chair, Cloud Industry Forum
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David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum


How deep learning is helping the world’s most vulnerable people

Madeleine Alston
Senior GIS Technician, Alcis
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Madeleine Alston, Senior GIS Technician, Alcis

There are almost 2.6 million Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in temporary camps due to severe drought in Afghanistan. How can governmental organisations target emergency aid effectively without knowing their location? Alcis have solved this problem using Esri’s location intelligence.

In this session, we will cover:

    • The challenges of managing and processing large amounts data
    • How Alcis have developed an accurate tent-detecting deep learning model
    • How to share the data, findings and intelligence with multiple stakeholders in a secure environment.


Getting from POC/MVP to production

Sanne Menning
Lead Data Scientist, Albert Heijn
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Sanne Menning, Lead Data Scientist, Albert Heijn

Identifying new areas of growth through data-led initiatives, as well as amending an existing portfolio, opens up many opportunities for increased revenue generation.

From improving existing products to establishing wholly new offerings, it is the enterprise that is willing and able to be innovative and creative that will continue to enjoy a healthy balance sheet.

However, for many, getting from proof of concept to production is a task that is fraught with risk and failure.

We address:

• Opportunity identification
• Proof of concept
• Minimum viable product
• Sustainable software solution


Do You Trust Your Machine Learning Outcomes? How to improve trust in advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning

Harvey Blenkarne
UK&I Sales Executive – Location Intelligence, Precisely
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Harvey Blenkarne, UK&I Sales Executive – Location Intelligence, Precisely

Join this session for an informative discussion where we will examine various use cases for machine learnings and advanced analytics.

We will also explore the root causes of data integrity challenges, including:
• Poor data quality
• Data silos
• Lack of context that enriches the understanding of your data


Questions to the Panel of Speakers


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Session Four


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Session Five


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Introduction to Session Six

David Terrar
Director & Chair, Cloud Industry Forum
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David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum


Leveraging data and advanced analytics to drive profitable growth

Deepak Jose
Head of Business Strategy and Analytics, Mars
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Deepak Jose, Head of Business Strategy and Analytics, Mars

Organizations have been experiencing digital transformation at an accelerated pace since the pandemic.

In this session, Deepak will discuss how data and analytics-driven decision making is helping Mars and its customers.

Leveraging a decision focused approach while building the analytics strategy can help in maximizing organizational value creation by driving efficiency.

It is also important to connect the dots and break organizational silos while building the ecosystem to have a holistic picture.

• Introducing Mars and digital transformation journey focusing on analytics
• How are advanced analytics teams focusing on driving value creation?
• Showcase a success story to explain how this new strategy is helping
• How is the current operating model enabling success?


From Vendor to In-House - How eBay reimagined its analytics landscape

Medha Samant
Senior Director - Product Strategy & Management, eBay
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Medha Samant, Senior Director, Head of products – Data Analytics Platforms, eBay

Recently eBay completed the transition of its analytics data platform from a vendor-based data warehouse to a homegrown open source-based platform.

This specific transition is no small undertaking and is considered challenging – and even impossible – by many in the industry due to the scale and complexity of the move.

With thoughtful strategy, breakthrough technological innovations and tight teamwork, eBay got it done.

This presentation will provide details into how this was achieved through a combination of technology innovations, focus and thorough program management.

• Brief intro to eBay & eBay’s data platform
• Key drivers for the initiative
• How was this achieved?
• Technology innovations
• Making The move


Offering Meaningful Choice through Data Science

Irene Iriarte Carretero
Senior Data Scientist, Gousto
view profile

Irene Iriarte Carretero, Senior Data Scientist, Gousto

This talk will cover how recipe kit delivery company Gousto leverages Data Science to offer customers meaningful choice.

Through the use of a menu planning algorithm, we can ensure that our weekly menus are optimised to offer maximum variety across our recipes, while also considering operational constraints.

Personalisation algorithms then allow us to display the menus in a curated way that makes it easier for each of our customers to find and customise recipes they love.

Data Science is our enabler to getting maximum impact of a large menu, allowing us to scale choice
Algorithms can help us offer the best experiences to our customers while also considering business operational constraints
Data Science must work very closely with the rest of the business to get the benefit from algorithms


Questions to the Panel of Speakers


Closing remarks from the Conference Chair


Conference Close

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Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

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