17th June, 2020

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



I Want Data Lakes, But with No Failures

It is common to overestimate the effectiveness and usefulness of data lakes in data and analytics strategies. It is becoming vital to compare skills, expectations and infrastructure capabilities in different scenarios to avoid data lake failures. Learn how to prevent data lake pitfalls from real case studies in which data lakes lead to failures for a variety of different reasons – from outdated data and governance challenges to semantic inconsistencies and organisational maturity.



How Data Virtualisation Can Support Your Compliance Needs

Data has become the biggest concern when it comes to meeting compliance needs. Most companies are complying with less than 40% of GDPR principles. We explore how data virtualisation can bring a bird’s eye view into all the enterprise’s data to establish controls across the infrastructure, how it can connect incongruent data sources, making them accessible from one single layer.


Preventing Big Data Breaches

Big Data Analytics offers companies infinite value, but every new data stream constitutes a new potential attack vector. We explore tools and solutions to reduce the risk of a data breach without compromising its access and unleashing its full potential.



Taking a Shortcut to AI/ML

AI and ML are in the agendas of every business with a digital transformation programme. However, it requires robust planning and implementation and significant investments. We explore real success stories of agile AI/ML implementation thanks to improved team collaboration.



Easy Predictions to Make Smart Agile Decisions

Smart decision-making, thanks to the insights obtained from augmented analytics, is a powerful strategy to increase your business performance. We explore how to deploy predictive analytics automatically through an API to integrate analysis into your own systems and processes while easily re-applying data preparation steps saved earlier.



What do my Customers Want? Become a know it all

Being able to acknowledge and understand the critical anomalies, and potential opportunities and issues in real-time is the ideal scenario to optimise the outcome of your products. We deep dive into available solutions to learn how to seamlessly develop, evolve and optimise your products based on a variety of data sources from your customers.



Taking Control of your Data Pipelines

Failure to implement a robust Data Governance plan is a big concern for many enterprises, regardless of their size, because of the risk it entails. Data governance affects data management, data silos, data issue resolution speed, and more, it cannot be understated. Learn from real case studies how to implement data governance solutions to quickly realise the value of your data,
transform it and share it across your enterprise.



Quick Big Data Integration in the Cloud

We explore how to integrate Big Data faster with less ramp-up time by building data-lakes in the cloud with self-service access. We look at how to re-design your data pipelines when new cloud platforms arrive at the market with flexible, agile data architectures. Learn how to integrate data in a highly scalable and secure managed cloud IPaaS.