Frank Knot 

Frank is an Enterprise Solution Architect within Fivetran, supporting its largest customers with adopting the Modern Data Stack with its Cloud Data Platform. After graduating with a Masters degree in Computer Science in the nineties, Frank began his career at PostNL’s IT department in development, integration and architecture. In both professional and management roles. After that, he joined HVR, a startup supplying database replication solutions. He worked in product management, customer success and again architecture. With Fivetran’s acquisition of HVR in 2021, he moved to his current position, supporting both the Fivetran and the HVR product line. Frank has a strong knowledge of data integration following his many years of experience in the market.

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Data Privacy Week: US Data Breaches Surge, 2023 Sees 78% Increase in Compromises
The number of reported data compromises in the US in 2023 increased by 78% compared to 2022, reaching 3205 affected companies, according to the Identity Theft Resource Centre’s (ITRC’s) latest report. The number of victims impacted by these monumental data breaches reached 353,027,892, with the total still increasing. Another statistic that highlights the ongoing real-time...
UK and US develop new global guidelines for AI security
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Flaw in AI Plugin Exposes 50,000 WordPress Sites to Remote Attack
A critical vulnerability has been identified in the world-renowned AI Engine plugin for WordPress, specifically affecting its free version with over 50,000 active installations. The plugin is widely recognized for its diverse AI-related functionalities, allowing users to create chatbots, manage content and utilize various AI tools such as translation, SEO keywords and more. What caused...