Deliver cloud agility with Data Services @ BDA Europe

Deliver cloud agility with Data Services


What can you do with a cutting-edge data service? Everything: get enterprise-grade storage as a service, radically streamline planning and procurement, accelerate deployment with Intent-based Provisioning, rest easy with industry-leading data protection, and automate infrastructure management at scale.

Modernize data management with a revolutionary suite of cloud data services. Effortlessly power your apps and data across edge, core, and cloud with the cloud operational experience of our Green Lake for Storage.

Block Storage Delivered as a Service


Bring the cloud to you. Accelerate business transformation with self-service agility and as-a-service delivery for all your apps with Block Storage. Run any app without compromising on storage you can order in minutes.

Unlock agility and speed the pace of new apps, services, and initiatives with self-service, SLA-based block storage. Simplify storage management with a cloud operational experience on-premises — and run any app without compromise on enterprise-grade storage that you can order in minutes. We do the rest.

Self-managing, self-healing, self-optimising with AIOps


Forget reacting to issue after issue with limited visibility across the complex, siloed infrastructure. Our insight delivers AI-powered autonomous operations that ensure your environment is always-on, always-fast and always-agile.

Gain cloud operational experience in managing apps and data from the edge to the cloud with the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure.

Advanced Analytics from Edge to Cloud


Data is coming at an exponentially increasing rate, from an explosion of data sources. But the amount of time you have available to do something with that data is shrinking. Develop a big data strategy to realise fast business outcomes – our experts, partners and technology can help you succeed in a data-driven world.

Join us to discuss how you can harmonise your data sources, and realize fast business outcomes where you need high-performance computing in the data centre and intelligent edge technologies.

Unlock the data from the connected world


Tap the power of artificial intelligence, data and advanced analytics to uncover insights, create trusted transactions, and employ intelligence in revolutionary, ethical, secure ways.

Innovate and transform the way people and machines work together from Edge to Cloud.

We will help you produce AI-driven automated business outcomes by working closely with your data, business and IT teams.

Storage for Server Virtualisation


Storage infrastructure that delivers the differentiated performance, integration, management, and availability needed for server virtualisation deployments.

Take full advantage of server virtualisation with virtual server storage.

Add the right storage platform to server virtualisation and increase the agility, reliability and scalability of your tier-1 and mission-critical applications. We enable you to choose converged or software-defined storage solutions.

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