BDA Europe

Big Data Analytics

8 March 2023

Van der Valk Hotel, Utrecht

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The quality has been very high as we’d hoped, we’ve had a lot of people interested in how to advance big data projects.

DELL, Marketing in UK/EMEA.

A very good conference – well done to all involved.

SHOPDIRECT, Lead Data Scientist.

Great event, business focussed, informative with a wide range of speakers that gave a lot of different views and options for me to take away. Thank you and well done.

BT, Chief Architect – DSS Big Data.

I think this is a good way to network with people to hear about what other people are doing and really to get in to the community to see what’s going on outside of your immediate atmosphere.


It’s been fantastic, we’ve met a great number of people, they are really good quality, these are people who know about big data.

TALEND, UK Marketing.

It’s been really good, we’ve had a huge number of people here, some excellent conversations and been busy all day.

IBM, Big Data Business Development Manager.

It’s been fantabulous. We had a lot of people coming and talking to us, they are in need of big data for their business and hopefully we can give them a lot of solutions

HEXAWARE, Practice Head Business Intelligence.

It’s been very good working with Whitehall Media, they’re very professional, always available to help us out with any issues we might have.

SAP, Director of Consumer Industries

Europe’s premier big data analytics event connecting enterprise with business

We are fast approaching a truly algorithmic-powered world in which all facets all life, from the personal to the professional, will be informed by digital systems designed to not only complement but elevate human decision-making.

This future business climate will translate tangled masses of data into meaningful information with the intention of improving employee productivity, optimising decision-making, expertly mapping supply chains and better retaining your customer base through AI-powered experiences.

By attending BDA Europe 2023, you will be able to develop your understanding of how to establish your roadmap, advance your strategy, prepare your organisation for the future and accelerate your understanding of what it means to be a truly big data-driven enterprise.

Whitehall Media’s Big Data Analytics Europe conference will explore transformation through the convergence of data, technology, and talent, Giving the audience what they want with marketing analytics, The importance of data availability and how to deliver it, using AI to battle misinformation on the web, privacy, security, and bias in the analysis of big data sets, how to achieve data, process and team synthesis, as well as many other new and emerging topics.

Reasons to Register

Whether you are in search of transformation through the convergence of data, technology, and talent, need to understand how to give your customers what they want, use AI to battle misinformation, identify biases in data sets, and utilise analytics to drive BI, we have you covered.

  • Learn how to achieve data, process and team synthesis
  • Discover the importance of data availability and how to deliver it
  • Understand the ROPO effect to drive omnichannel experiences
  • How to create a real competitive advantage with technology
  • Whether to build or buy your AI solution
  • How best to store your data: hubs, lakes and warehouses
  • Successfully adopt the right tools and techniques to drive customer analytics

Featured Speakers

Be inspired by our speakers made up of key industry figures and thought leaders.

Marc Salomon

Dean of Amsterdam Business School & Professor in Decision Science at the University of Amsterdam

Marc Salomon

Dean of Amsterdam Business School & Professor in Decision Science at the University of Amsterdam.

Siyu Sun

Global Director Data Science and Analytics, Gameloft

Jaap-Willem Verheij Van Wijk

Sales Director, Benelux, Qlik Data Integration, Qlik

Yogesh Kumar

Product Manager, Adyen

Alon Horev

Co-founder and VP of Technology, VAST Data

Marc Steen

Senior Research Scientist, TNO

Marco de Jong

CTO, IntoDQ2

Colin Shubrook

Solution Engineer, Pyramid Analytics

Peter Lydon

Director Sales Engineering, EMEA Actian Corporation, An HCL Company

Programme & featured topics

Check out the conference topics and review the content which is most important to you. From keynote presentations and product demonstrations, we have you covered.

Our highly considered and well researched topic relevant agenda is packed with the latest research into data and analytics and provides a path towards solving your big data challenges.

Solution Provider Seminars

Do not miss one of the key elements of the day, our series of industry-leading seminars delivered by the most senior authorities within big data & analytics.

You will have the opportunity to attend a session that has been specifically designed with you in mind. You will also have your questions answered in an intimate setting away from the main conference hall by an industry expert as well as the opportunity to connect with your peers as you bear witness to the latest product launches.

Previous events

One of the key moments of BDA Europe 2022 was when Anwar Mirza, Global Head of Data Governance, FedEx, acted as keynote.

In his talk, Anwar mapped out how an enterprise can best achieve meaningful, substantive and tangible digital transformation through the integration of its sources of data, technology and talent.

He went on to address why it takes more than just technology to succeed, how it requires as much of a cultural as a structural shift, and the new roles and change agents you need to bring it about.

At a Glance

By attending BDA Europe 2023 you will fast-track your knowledge and understanding of big data analytics as a key enterprise technology, its role within the modern business, and how best you can utilise, perfect and embed its use within your organisation.

You will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from leading industry speakers, listen to thought-provoking keynote presentations, attend personalised seminar sessions and test out some of the latest tools and techniques in the exhibition space!

Attend BDA Europe 2023

  • Immerse yourself within a highly tailored and dynamically structured conference space
  • Have the opportunity for one-to-one discussions with industry-leading experts
  • Hear from the leading solution providers within big data, analytics, AI and ML
  • Discover ground-breaking case studies in the keynote conference hall
  • Increase your understanding of the latest big data tools and techniques in our dedicated seminar sessions
  • Connect with hundreds of like-minded individuals from a range of industry sectors
  • Share your problems and successes in a non-competitive environment



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