Geraldine Lee

Geraldine joined GSK in March 2020 as a Senior Product Designer. She designs products for scientists as part of drug discovery.

She led design with data, pairing it with qualitative and quantitative research. Besides working with UX Researcher, Geraldine also has experience moderating user testing plus conducting usability tests.

Geraldine spent most of her career working in B2B and B2C, mainly in the eCommerce realm, with brands like Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols, Ocado, etc. In her previous role at RS Components, she conducted research studies for the China market.

She is also a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator since 2018. Geraldine has conducted various LSP workshops to help the team explore ideas bringing new perspectives to allow all participants to share openly and safely.

She hopes to continue creating meaningful work, making an impact on users.

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