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10 March 2022


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Extensive research is carried out in order to ensure that our programmes provide a platform for industry experts from the worlds most data driven organisations are able to address the most important issues which matter to you and provide a path towards greater success

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Dr Gilad Rosner
Founder, IoT Privacy Forum; Privacy and Technology Policy Researcher

Dr Gilad Rosner is a privacy and information policy researcher and the founder of the non-profit Internet of Things Privacy Forum, a crossroads for industry, regulators, academics, government and privacy advocates to discuss the privacy challenges of the IoT. The Forum’s mission is to produce guidance, analysis and best practices to help industry and government to reduce privacy risk and innovate responsibly in the domain of connected devices.

Gilad’s broader work focuses on the IoT, identity management, US & EU privacy and data protection regimes, and online trust. His research has been used by the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on the Responsible Use of Data and he is a featured expert on O’Reilly and the BBC. Gilad is an internationally invited speaker and has given talks at industry conferences, universities, and government agencies, including the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Gilad has a 20-year career in IT, having worked with identity management technology, digital media, automation and telecommunications.

Gilad is a member of the UK Cabinet Office Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group, which provides independent analysis and guidance on Government digital initiatives and is a member of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. He is a Visiting Researcher at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, an Affiliate Researcher at UC Berkeley’s Centre for Long-Term Cybersecurity and has consulted on trust issues for the UK government’s identity assurance programme, Verify.gov.

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Bauke Brenninkmeijer
Data scientist at ABN AMRO and CTO and co-founder of OneTwoModel

Bauke Brenninkmeijer is a data scientist at ABN AMRO and CTO and co-founder of OneTwoModel, having worked at both for the last year.

At ABN AMRO, he specializes in synthetic data using GANs, but also works on other project related to computer vision, NLP, and more classic data science cases.

At OneTwoModel, he provides the data science solutions, mostly computer vision, and IT infrastructure.

In his spare time, he likes to work on hobby projects, he is a big fan of movies and TV-shows and loves to ski and snowboard.

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Darren Brunt
Pre-Sales Director EMEA North, Talend 

Darren Brunt is Pre-Sales Director for EMEA North at Talend. Darren’s key focus is delivering data-driven, innovation projects to enable digital leadership and transformation within high potential organisations using relevant, modern technologies. He helps relate how new technologies can help organisations transform and leverage data as a core asset for actionable insight and business benefit.

Darren Brunt has more than 20 years in supporting organisations with their digital transformation journey; before joining Talend, Darren worked at HP and Software AG.

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Guilherme Norberto
Data Engineer, Raízen

Joy and communication to bring people together. Creativity and determination to find solutions. Technology to connect and share it all. Let’s make the future happen now!

A data engineer, polyglot and multidisciplinary professional, I completed my career transition into big data in 2018. Prior to this, I worked in Digital Marketing and Communications, as well as managed my own business as a French Teacher.

An Adman postgraduate in Digital Communication, I attended one semester of Computing Engineering.

I have a Technical Education Diploma in Computing, and I am constantly in search of ways in which to improve my technical capabilities by enrolling on several technology courses.

My favourite hobbies are doing martial arts (especially, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – for now, it is on standby), learning languages and travelling.

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Jimmy Hong
Director, Software Engineering (Data), LinkedIn
  • An engineering leader with experience leading globally distributed multidisciplinary teams and organizations across development, product, and operations. Jimmy has led and built teams across the domains of large-scale distributed data platforms, data engineering, enterprise architecture, compliance, and data integration.  LinkedIn Profile: Jimmy Hong
  • Lead events, workshops and presented at the following forums:
  • HP’/HPE Discover Conference
    • Unleashing the power of analytics to deliver business value (Dec. 2015)
    • Architecting the future state of HPE IT (Dec 2015)
    • Modernizing Your Enterprise Data Warehouse (Jun. 2015)
    • Using Big Data Analytics to enable Next Generation Operations (Jun. 2015)
  • HP/HPE Big Data Conference: Sales Pipeline Analytics (Aug. 2014)


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John Mullis
Senior Solutions Architect, HVR

John Mullis is a senior solutions architect at HVR. He has over 30 years of IT experience at companies such as Oracle, Siebel and Fujitsu, and has spent the last 10 years working in the Data Integration space.

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Luis Salvador Fernández
Sr. Field Engineer, UKI, Neo4j

Luis is a Field Engineer for the UK and Ireland. After being in the relational databases world for over 12 years, he joined Neo4j in 2019. Ever since then he has been helping organisations to make sense of data by modelling/implementing Neo4j applications as well as delivering training to customers.

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Martijn Kieboom
Senior Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Martin is a highly experienced solutions engineer having worked for market-leading companies including Oracle, Mapr, and Confluent. He is well known for his ability to create and present highly customized solutions based on detailed, customer-specific, requirements to a broad (technical to C-level) audience. He is widely respected by partners, colleagues, and customers who view him as a trusted advisor. Martijn lives in the Netherlands with his wife and daughter.

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Muhammad Usman Haider
Solution Architect Big data & Analytics, Telenor

Muhammad is a certified data & analytics professional who helps organisations to derive value from data-led insights.

Proven expertise in designing & deploying in big data, Edw, BI, petabytes of data fabrics in Telcom/digital , fintech and insurance industry, Muhammad is a key advisor to stakeholders and business users and plays a leading role in securing multimillion-dollar profit.

Muhammad has valued expertise in data architecture, data modelling, data quality, data profiling, data governance, data security, MDM, metadata management, data integration, CDC, ETL, DevSecOps, data archival & migration, DS & ML.

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Peter Dozy
Data Architect, Vektis

Peter Dozy is a data architect working with Vektis for the past 16 years. Educated in Computer Sciences from Vrije University Amsterdam, Peter has 20+ years of experience in the field of data modelling and data architecture and is an expert in setting up and managing databases. In his illustrious career, he has worked with a lot of different databases, connecting them with other tools and self-created programs for his teams for research and reporting. As an avid data enthusiast, Peter has a keen interest in modern data technologies and is always looking for ways to improve performance and connectivity.


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Rahma Javed
Director of Engineering, Deliveroo

Rahma Javed is the Director of Engineering for the Restaurants group at Deliveroo, building the tech needed to make Deliveroo the restaurant partner of choice.

She is a champion of diversity in the workplace and encouraging women into STEM careers. She speaks at schools and conferences, and mentor’s young talent from underprivileged backgrounds.

Rahma is an active member of tech communities globally and advises companies on using technology to advance their mission. She sits on the board of Charity Right UK – whose aim is to provide meals to school children from underprivileged households. She also sits on the board of FactMata – whose aim is to eliminate biased, hateful, and misleading content on the internet.

She was the winner in the Technology & Digital category at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2020; she also won the Digital Masters Award by the Up Group in the Technology category; was included in the Women of the Future Programme 2020, and was shortlisted for the WeAreTheCity Rising Star award 2020.

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Saad Mirza
Principal Information Architect, Philips

Saad Mirza is a certified enterprise architect with eighteen years of experience in executing data-driven projects for global businesses. Being responsible for Enterprise Information Architecture at Philips he is helping them achieve their vision of an integrated data landscape.

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Stuart Simmons
Sales Director, Denodo

Stuart Simmons is a Sales Director at Denodo. Stuart is a self-motivated, experienced sales executive of 20 years in IT including direct sales, channel and alliance roles. Prior to Denodo, Stuart held several leadership positions at companies such as Oracle, VMware and IBM where he delivered ground breaking changes for these organizations such as achieving significant revenue growth, geographic expansions, re-defining a successful channel model and increasing penetration of product adoption and revenues via Distributors into a client base of over 400+ Service Providers.

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Dr Richard Benjamins
Chief AI & Data Strategist, Telefonica

Dr Richard Benjamins is Chief AI & Data Strategist at Telefonica. He is among the 100 most influential people in data-driven business (DataIQ 100, 2018).

He is also co-founder and Vice President of the Spanish observatory for ethical and social impacts of AI (OdiseIA). He was Group Chief Data Officer at AXA (Insurance) and before that worked for 10 years at Telefonica on Big Data and Analytics.

He is the founder of Telefonica’s Big Data for Social Good department, a member of the B2G data-sharing Expert Group of the EC, and a frequent speaker on Artificial Intelligence events.

He holds a PhD in Cognitive Science, has published over 100 scientific articles and is author of the (Spanish) book “The myth of the algorithm: tales and truths of artificial intelligence”.

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Madhumita Mantri
Staff Technical PM, Data Platform & Products, Artificial Intelligence, LinkedIn
  • Highly accomplished leader credited with expertise in all facets of enterprise product vision, strategy, design, architecture, execution, delivery, and controllership within high-profile corporations. She is passionate about product innovation, strategy to execution, solve real-world problems through ideation, evangelize great work, drive outcome, result & impact! LinkedIn Profile: Madhumita Mantri
  • Lead events, workshops, moderated several panels and presented at the following forums:
    • Women of tech worldwide series 2020 speaker (link)
    • Grace Hopper 2019 Speaker
    • Presented & moderated career design talk at VISA Women Connect event (2019) (link)
    • Moderated several panels at LinkedIn for good, rock your profile sessions
    • Link to LinkedIn Social Impact Engage IN Event (2017)
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Sanne Menning
Lead Data Scientist, Albert Heijn

Sanne works as a lead data scientist for forecasting at Albert Heijn. Together with a team of data scientists and engineers, she works on providing accurate and relevant forecasts throughout the organization.

Prior to Albert Heijn, Sanne worked as a data science consultant at Macaw. She worked with clients in various industries, inventing, designing and building real-world applications of advanced analytics and machine learning. Before that, she worked as a data analyst/scientist for Eneco group, focusing on data management and predictive maintenance.

Sanne holds a PhD in Neurosciences from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She has always been passionate about data, statistics and math. She is driven to create solutions that are understood and trusted and add value to the organization.

Previous Speaker
Rob Cowell
Principal Technologist , Pyramid Analytics

Rob has more than 25 years’ experience of high-volume data architectures and analytics. He has worked as a software developer, database administrator, technical and solutions architect and currently focusses on predictive analytics and data visualisation at Pyramid Analytics.

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