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10 March 2022


Seminars @ BDA europe

Away from the virtual conference hall, you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject that is of most relevance to you. With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor-made with you in mind.

You can attend one seminar live at 12:30 CET, with the remainder available On Demand as soon as the session has concluded.

Stream Governance  – Discover, Understand and Trust your Data in Motion


Greg Murphy, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Confluent

With the sharp rise of real-time data, the need for organizational governance over data in motion is growing quickly. As investments into microservices increase and data sources scale, it becomes more and more challenging for any individual or team to understand or govern the full scope of streams flowing across the business. Confluent has  built a fully managed cloud solution, it delivers a simple, cloud-native, and self-service experience that enables users to discover, understand, and trust the real-time data flows in a modern business.

In this session you will learn

-Why Confluent Stream Governance

-The three strategic pillars built for Streaming governance – Stream Quality, Stream Catalogue and Stream Lineage  and how to get started.


Greg Murphy
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Confluent
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Room / Location:
Session 3 @ 12:30 CET

Shape your Decisions with the Data You Already Have


Oliver Lorig, Solutions Engineer, Pyramid Analytics

At Pyramid Analytics, we believe that modern organizations can built great prosperity off their data; all they need to do is “more”. That is, putting more data in the hands of more people to solve more analytics needs is the path to success, no matter the industry or mission. Bringing data—the right data—to the center of every important decision-making process is mission-critical, and it’s now more possible than ever.

The Pyramid Platform puts decision intelligence in the hands of people across your enterprise. In this session, we will define decision intelligence, discuss Pyramid’s “platform-approach” to analytics, and take a look at specific features within the platform, including accessing multiple data sources, security and governance controls, flexible reporting capabilities, applications of AI and ML, and more.

Oliver Lorig
Oliver Lorig, Solutions Engineer, Pyramid Analytics
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Session 3 @ 12:30 CET

Driving organizational growth through your data journey


Rebecca Lane, Head of Sales Operations and Solutions, Snowplow

Each organization will approach their data strategy differently, and while there’s no perfect recipe for success, companies will vary in the maturity and effectiveness of their data function. You could picture this as a ‘journey’ – from disparate teams beginning to grapple with data tools; to advanced pioneers harnessing behavioral data to power the competitive engine of the organization. Whilst each company is unique, the data challenges they face as they go through this journey are often comparable. In this session, Rebecca Lane highlights what this data journey might look like and presents actionable advice on how you can harness behavioral data to power organizational growth.

Rebecca Lane
Head of Sales Operations and Solutions, Snowplow
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Room / Location:
Session 3 @ 12:30 CET

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