Big Data Analytics

10 March 2020

Van Der Valk Hotel, Utrecht





“A very good conference – well done to all involved.” SHOPDIRECT, Lead Data Scientist.

“Great event, business focussed, informative with a wide range of speakers that gave a lot of different views and options for me to take away. Thank you and well done.” BT, Chief Architect – DSS Big Data.

“Overall the conference was well organised, it was an informative day for me, got some useful contacts with the vendors and will try out a few tools in the coming months.” BARCLAYS, Head of Finance Pricing Analytics.

“Excellent event, liked the seminar breakouts especially.” TATA STEEL, Analytics Manager.

“It’s been fantastic, huge number of people here, they are literally queuing to get in.” AIMIA, Regional Analytics Manager EMEA.

“Overall some very interesting topics covered, provided some food for thought.” THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY, Business Systems Analysis Manager.

“Thank you for an excellent day.” BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO, Business Intelligence Manager.

“Already looking forward to the next one!” GENERAL ELECTRIC, Senior Pricing Manager.

“Enjoyed the conference greatly!” AMERICAN EXPRESS, Senior Manager Field Performance Reporting & Analytics.

“Overall this was another fantastic conference and great to hear and see the developments in this fast-paced sector, well done to the event organisers, exhibitors and guest speakers. I look forward to attending future events.” NHS SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES, IM&T Manager.

“I found the event informative and applaud the organisation.” TUI TRAVEL, Solutions Architect.

“It was a speculative attendance from me to see what I got out of it. I found it very useful and interesting as a source of inspiration and motivation for different approaches to analysis.” DMG MEDIAL, Business Information Manager.

“Very enjoyable conference and very informative. The idea of having the badges scanned at each exhibitor stand was very good and saved a lot of time from having to keep giving my details out.” ZURICH INSURANCE, Lead Business Analyst.

“It was very useful to find out what the industry definition of big data is. This is a new and exciting technology and era to be working in.” MITCHELLS & BUTLERS, Data & Information Architect.

“Excellent event, really enjoyed it!” SONY MOBILE, Data Manager.

“Overall I enjoyed the conference and thought it was very well organised.” CAPITA, Business Intelligence Information Architect.

“Thank you very much for organizing such a good event. I met very good people with a lot of industry experience.” BRIGHTHOUSE, Database Developer.

“Met some interesting people and the day was very worthwhile.” DIGITAL POLICY ALLIANCE, President.

“Good conference. Highly topical.” BT, Innovation Lead.

“Good conference. Highly topical.” BT, Innovation Lead.

“Really good enlightening day, thanks.” HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS, National Intermediary Manager.

“Great variety of talks.” ARUP, Associate Director.

“Thanks for organising a great conference.” CARNIVAL UK, Reporting Development Manager.

“Great conference good to talk to people in the exhibition, and good mix of vendor and customer presentations.” BOOTS, Customer Data Consultant.

“Great event all around with good networking opportunities.” PRESS ASSOCIATION, Lead Analyst.

“Great conference.” TECHCRUNCH, Business Analyst.

“Thanks, on the whole very useful.” CO-OPERATIVE FOOD, Business Information Manager.

“Another great Big Data Analytics event, well done to the Whitehall Media team!” NHS SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES, IM&T Manager.

“Pleased that the content was aimed at both business end-users and techies. I look forward to receiving links to the presentations.” THE CARAVAN CLUB, Insight & Planning Manager.

“The topics chosen were very good and informative.” ZURICH INSURANCE, Finance Consultant.

“Thank you for organising an excellent conference.” UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, Lead Data Analyst.

“Excellent event – good content was presented and had a good number of major players available to discuss in person.” MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, EIM Solutions Architect

“Overall a very useful and interesting event, I would certainly attend again. The Russell Hotel is an excellent venue.” EMC CORP, Analytics Manager.

“Really enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it. The vast majority of speakers were excellent.” ELECTRIC WORD, IT Director.

“It was an enjoyable and interesting conference. Time and a comfortable area to network would have been useful. Thank you for inviting me.” MATRIX CONNEXTIONS, Managing Director.

“Thank you very much for the event, it was time well spent. I look forward to next year!” AUDIONETWORK, Data & Business Insight Manager.

“Very worthwhile. Look forward to attending in the future.” MICROSOFT, Consumer Intelligence.

“An excellent day – well run and great content.” QUINSEC LTD, Director of Cyber.

“Great to see so many people at the conference. A very useful day.” BIGDATA4ANALYTICS, Director.


“It’s been fantabulous. We had a lot of people coming and talking to us, they are in need of big data for their business and hopefully we can give them a lot of solutions.” HEXAWARE, Practice Head Business Intelligence.

“It’s been really good, we’ve had a huge number of people here, some excellent conversations and been busy all day.” IBM, Big Data Business Development Manager.

“It’s been fantastic, we’ve met a great number of people, they are really good quality, these are people who know about big data.” TALEND, UK Marketing.

“We’ve had a great number of interested delegates asking us questions, again from my viewpoint I’m getting some tough questions to have to think about, which is always a good sign of rich interest.” QLIKTECH, Senior Solution Architect.

“The quality has been very high as we’d hoped, we’ve had a lot of people interested in how to advance big data projects.” DELL, Marketing in UK/EMEA.

“Great event, great number of attendees and really high quality people as well, we are very impressed.” LOGI ANALYTICS, Large Enterprise Sales Director.

“It’s been really good, I was actually here last year and Whitehall Media have made huge improvements. A lot of the folks who are speaking are repeating the same themes, showing a great parallelism across the thinking and where we are with big data.” IBM, Big Data Analytics Solutions Lead.

“It’s been a really good day for us, we’ve had people constantly at the stand. We attended this event last year and that’s why we’ve come again this year. It has delivered just the same.” QLIKTECH, Marketing Campaign Manager.

“We’ve actually been very impressed with this conference, very well attended and the calibre of people we have had to the stand is top notch. We are definitely coming back next year.” DATAWATCH, Finance and Manufacturing Solutions Manager.

“Very interesting day for us, we’ve been able to speak to people who want to know about what we’re doing and we’ve got some really good leads out of it so it’s something that we’d do again.” BASHO, Technical Evangelist.

“It’s been a good experience for us, it’s been a very busy show so a lot of people here and the quality of the delegates has been very good.” JASPERSOFT, UK Account Manager.

“This event is one we consider to be one of our best of the year. It’s been a very busy venue and the delegates clearly understand the show that they’re at which I think is important.” COVALI, Professional Services Director.

“It has been surprisingly good, it’s better than I expected because we are not a product company, we are a consultancy.” ALTOROS, UK Managing Director.

“We think it’s been fantastic and managed well right from the start. We are pleasantly surprised by the amount of attendees, there is a lot of them and the level is very high we have to admit. Everything was perfect.” SMART CUBE, VP Business Development and VP Analytics.

“It’s been good, we had a good attendance and there were questions too so it was good to have interaction. I’ve been to about 4 or 5 big data events over the past 6 months and this one is definitely the most well attended, very pleased that it is a good audience, very happy.” Hewlett-Packard, UK Sales Lead.

“Not only the number of delegates, which has been superb, but also a very high quality with all of the right people.” LOGI ANALYTICS, Large Enterprise Direct Sales.

“It’s been very good working with Whitehall Media, they’re very professional, always available to help us out with any issues we might have.” SAP, Director of Consumer Industries.

“The quality of delegates has been very good, in terms of the organisation and also in terms of the decision making process that Whitehall Media goes through for that audience. So it has been useful for us.” LOGIXML, Sales Lead.

“The attendance has been excellent, not only do you get people who understand business issues but also the technology side. The organisation has been really good, the communication has been excellent, so from our stand-point we will be looking at Whitehall Media events in future.” ACTUATE, Business Development Director.

“It’s been really good, I presented earlier and I’ve had quite a few people from the session coming over to talk to me on the stand. We’ve had a lot of interest in what we’re doing. Great combination of central location and it’s the right people that we want to see here, people with an active interest in big data.” TALEND, VP Products.

“It’s been very good, very busy, lots of footfall and certainly the quality of the people we’ve had at the stand discussing their issues and problems with us has been very good. Certainly the plan is to come back again.” IPL Solutions, Managing Director.

“It’s been good, good level of delegate, had some very interesting conversations. It’s good to see that the people attending have moved on in terms of maturity since the last event 6 months ago.” ORACLE, EMEA Director for Big Data.

“I have to say the quality of the delegates is absolutely outstanding. This has got to be one of the best big data events that we have ever attended. The right kind of people are here, for the right reasons and for that, I’ll definitely look at attending another Whitehall Media event soon.”
“It’s been a good event, one of the things that I like about the Whitehall Media events is that the attendees are interested in the exhibition and that works very well for us. Looking back over the years, this is one of the best we’ve been to.” PENTAHO, Marketing Director.

“A really great day, it’s a good concept because everyone had an equal amount of time to talk about their view on big data. Everyone here in attendance is high quality, everyone I have talked to is either a decision maker or know what they are talking about in terms of what they need in the realms of big data.” CLOUDERA, Sales Director.

“Absolutely great, the quality of delegate is very, very good so we feel that we will be joining Whitehall Media on a regular basis.” TERRACOTTA, Marketing Director.


“I think this is a good way to network with people to hear about what other people are doing and really to get in to the community to see what’s going on outside of your immediate atmosphere.” DAVID STEPHENSON, EBAY CLASSIFIEDS GROUP, Head of Business Analytics.

“Today’s been really good, it’s really nice to come to an event like this and both hear from people, in terms of their journeys and challenges but also share a little bit about my story as well, giving some helpful advice to people who are going along that same journey.” CHRIS SMITH, JAGEX, Head of Business Intelligence.

“It has been absolutely brilliant, a really interesting cross-section of focus here, I like that sort of balance, 50/50 business and technical.” BOB HARRIS, CHANNEL 4, Chief Technology Officer.

“I think it’s been absolutely great, really fascinating. In particular, all of the case studies on exactly how big data is being used.” DR. LOUISE BENNETT, BCS SECURITY COMMUNITY OF EXPERTISE, Chair.

“It’s been great, it’s my second time at this conference. I liked it very much the first time and I still enjoy it very much now.” OLE BAHLMANN, SOUNDCLOUD, Senior Insight Infrastructure Manager.

“Events like this are very important, they allow people from the research sector where I’m from, who are big procurers of IT services and equipment to understand what the major tendencies are, what the latest products are and where the direction is going.” BOB JONES, CERN PROJECT, Head.

“I think it’s been excellent, we’ve had a very good mix of speakers around implementation, best practices and looking at some of the problems and ethics around big data implementations across the world.” BOB PLUMRIDGE, SNIA EUROPE, Chairman.

“I think it’s very interesting to see the widespread of people’s opinions, what their different solutions are and also their different challenges.” BDAN SOMERS, WARWICK ANALYTICS, Chief Executive Officer.

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We would like to confirm that BDA Europe March 2020 is going ahead as planned.

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