Big Data Analytics Asia

15 October 2019

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong





“It was pleasing that the sponsors did not use the presentations to do a hard sell of their products” SEVERN TRENT WATER, Data Architect.

“Really enjoyed the day – very interesting presentations. Liked the fact that most presentations were kept high level but touched and covered many aspects of big data, use cases, required skill set and future growth of the industry” LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP, Head of Financial Risk Analytics.

“Very thought provoking especially in the areas of disruption” NFU MUTUAL, Data Manager.

“I think the coverage of areas was well proportioned” DE LA RUE, Senior Business Analyst.

“This time I wanted to make the most of talking to a number of suppliers about the capabilities of their products and missed a significant number of presentations. Of most of the presentations I did intend I felt that I got value from them” FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY, Enterprise Data Architect.

“The conference presentation content was great, a good balance between companies explaining their products and companies explaining how they do things with data” VIRGIN MEDIA, Insight Development Manager.

“Great time keeping. Interesting. Good to have a variety of short presentations” TULLOW OIL, Financial Analyst.

“Really good spread and mix of sectors and levels of detail. Range of experience and attendees also very broad” TULLOW OIL, Financial Analyst.

“It was my 1st one and I really enjoyed it and the content was really good. As someone who is new to the Data world I saw things with a different perspective” HOMESERVE, Acquisition Marketing Planning Analyst.

“Very good content to learn more about new tools and technologies available in market” BANK OF IRELAND, BI Capability Developer.

“Liked that there were a large number of short presentations; the standard was pretty high throughout” N BROWN GROUP, Data Scientist.

“It was typical for me to miss so many presentations but I still derived a lot of value from the event given that I could talk to suppliers on areas of immediate concern to me” FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY, Enterprise Data Architect.

“It was great to see different sectors and business under one roof and how each one of them is using Big Data and answering what next can be done. Great event organisation and fantastic venue” LLOYDS BANKING GROUP, Senior Data Analyst.

“Really excellent conference. Trying to build up a better understanding of big data and the speakers gave some really good examples of what is happening in other companies. Also enjoyed the opportunity to speak to the sponsors. Great to get some contact names and find out what they can do” HALFORDS, BI Specialist.

“Thank you very much for this pleasant and stimulating experience”FITCH RATINGS, Group Credit Officer: Quantitative Research.

“I really enjoyed the conference; people are knowledgeable about the area. Speakers did a really good job. Some new technologies are thought provoking”SPECSAVERS, Solution Architect.

“Will come again, thanks”BAYER, Head of Business Insights.

“Thank you for the invite, it was a very interesting day” VODAFONE, Data Domain Lead.


“When we as vendors come here, we want to meet the right people and generate leads. Basically why this is good is because everybody meets at the same place and wants to talk to you and that’s exactly what has happened today” MICROSTRATEGY.

“There’s a good mix of both commercial and technical people which is good. So one minute you’re having the technical discussions with the people that are going to validate the solutions but then there’s the commercial and the business people here as well who are holding the budgets and are actually going to approve these solutions” PENTAHO.

“We’ve had conversations with people involved in the decision making process within large enterprise organisations, which is where we see value” CLOUDERA.

“Today’s conference has been great actually. We’ve met a lot of interesting people, had good conversations, a good footfall, interesting people presenting and some good suppliers here as well” WHERESCAPE.

“Events like this allow us to increase our profile, but importantly also meet with peers in the market place and potential new customers as well. There’s a lot of people here who have got a genuine interest in finding out more and they are influencer and decision maker level, so definitely worth investing time with them” EXASOL.

“We chose to exhibit at this conference because it attracts a good calibre of audience. They tend to be very engaged in a space that were in and we find it very effective for us” HORTONWORKS.

“It has a broad delegate base, close to 600 people attending in one day. A one day format works very well plus it focuses the attention of the delegates on getting what they can out of the conference within the time that have available, so very focused, rich set of delegates and pretty well structured”TRILLIUM SOFTWARE.

“Great calibre of audience. We’ve met a number of different people from; new into the business, people still working with old platforms, looking at new platforms. A range of different people to talk to”WHERESCAPE.


“What I love about events like this is the common ground that you have and the ability to learn from other people, but the fact that you learn from so many different facets, there so many different ideas going on and to take them away and have a think about them and think about how we can perhaps adjust what we do to get better at what we do and feed that back in as well. Just constant cycle of conversation and collaboration, I think it’s terrific, really really enjoyable” MARK ALLEN – CAPITAL ONE, Head of Data Governance.

“I’ve really enjoyed it so far today. Really impressed with how many people are here and the wide variety of industries that are representing here” DAVID STEPHENSON – DSI ANALYTICS AMSTERDAM, Managing Director.

“I’ve enjoyed seeing different approaches to what’s fundamentally the same issue about preparing for the future” DSTUART ESTELL – UNIPER, Enterprise Architect.

“It was really fun because it was a completely different audience to what I normally speak in front of. Big data analytics is a really exciting field but it’s not necessarily directly connected to customer service, customer experience which is where I play, but it’s really interesting to actually speak in front of these people because they should be connecting more with the customer service and the customer experience people” ADRIAN SWINSCOE, Customer Experience Author.

“I’ve enjoyed the multiple talks this morning. It showed that no matter if you’re a big data vendor, if you’re coming from a big company, if you’re coming from a start-up you basically deal with the same problems” DR ALEXANDER WEISS – GET YOUR GUIDE, Head of Data Science.

“I think the event was absolutely amazing that all types of industries have been represented at this event. We had Doctors to hotels, banking, retailers, and techies to vendors so the bolt of technology is moving together” CHRISTINE PAULIG – BARCLAYS AFRICA GROUP, Manager Data and Information Architecture.