Torbay Council selects Logi Analytics for cost savings and improved efficiency

Council sees ROI of 123% in first two months of Logi Analytics implementation

Torbay Council has chosen Logi Analytics, the authority on embedded analytics, to replace its existing business intelligence (BI) technology.  This investment has delivered an immediate return on investment of 123 percent, as well as improving visibility and access to data for budget holders throughout the Council.

Torbay Council’s previous BI system was used to run a range of daily, weekly and monthly reports for senior managers by exporting data into a data warehouse and running the reports overnight.  With a costly major BI system upgrade imminent, the Council decided to review the market to find an alternative solution that would support the functionality it needed, without a prohibitive price tag.

Lorraine Woolcock, Systems Manager, Torbay Council explained:  “We needed a system upgrade and with our existing provider this was proving too expensive and complex.  When we saw the demonstration of Logi Analytics, we were not only impressed with the functionality of the system, but could also see the immediate cost savings and a way to run reports from live systems which would eliminate the need for exporting data every day.”

Torbay Council will use Logi Analytics to provide financial information for around 100 budget holders – giving users immediate access to additional information to support the top level statistics.  Logi Analytics will also give budget holders views of information, relevant to each role, through personalised dashboards.  This will improve efficiency by eliminating the need for users to trawl through large spreadsheets to find the right numbers.

Logi Analytics’ flexibility has been quickly put to use by the Council, with an additional implementation planned in the Payroll Department.  This project alone will give an ROI of 123 percent in the first two months.

“Even in these early stages, we can see lots of opportunities for Logi Analytics within the Council.  In fact, our payroll system is currently being upgraded and deploying Logi Analytics with this new system will give us a substantial saving in licence fees.  Making cost savings such as this, and improving efficiency in this way, are really important to the Council,” continued Lorraine Woolcock.

Simon Ryan, Director of EMEA, Logi Analytics said: “This is another great example of a customer discovering how versatile and cost effective Logi Analytics is, and how it solves far more than the original business challenge.”

About Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics makes data smart, allowing organizations to analyze, visualize and socialize insights to a broad range of users. Logi makes web-based BI and analytic applications for the data creators and data consumers, allowing them to integrate analytics directly within the applications, systems, and processes that support their business. Unlike traditional BI platforms and applications that are complex and costly, Logi Analytics technology allows organizations to rapidly develop, deploy, and adapt applications to serve business users without extensive development or professional services. Logi Analytics is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with sales and support offices in the UK serving Europe. The company is a privately held, venture-backed firm with investments from Updata Partners, GroTech Ventures, and Summit Partners.